Wirral In It Together Proprietor Paul Cardin Receives an Unusual PeoplePerHour ‘Endorsement’ from an old counterpart, Tim Turner. He quoted “…a range of innocent organisations” … Oh my, how we larfed…!

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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19 Responses to Wirral In It Together Proprietor Paul Cardin Receives an Unusual PeoplePerHour ‘Endorsement’ from an old counterpart, Tim Turner. He quoted “…a range of innocent organisations” … Oh my, how we larfed…!

  1. Tim Turner says:

    You asked for an endorsement. I received no less than *four* begging emails to different accounts, imploring me to endorse you. “My future is in your hands” the email said. This was not in response to any contact between us, or any professional engagement that we have ever had. You reached out to me, out of the blue, no less than four times. I merely gave you what you asked for.

    I should add a recommendation that you shouldn’t break Data Protection law by retaining personal data without a lawful basis, and then spamming people begging for an endorsement, but if such unethical behaviour is acceptable to you, your potential customers should be forewarned. I gave the only recommendation I am able to give.

    Asked and answered, Paul. Good luck. Maybe you’ll need it.


  2. We’ve received a comment from Tim (above). We were tempted to bin it but on second thoughts we’ll grant him his moment in the limelight 🤣


    • Tim Turner says:

      Why are you breaking the law by retaining my personal data and then spamming me with begging emails asking me to endorse you for services that I have no knowledge of, Paul?


  3. I like to keep my friends’ email addresses, like the majority of us without photographic memories do. It makes life a lot easier and it ain’t illegal or unlawful. Maybe you’re different to most of us (?)

    If you’re going to take me to court I’ll insist to the judge that you’re a close friend of longstanding.

    I didn’t really want to, but I’ve deleted your email now.

    I’ll miss you of course, but I never knowingly retained it in the first place. Computers, laptops and phones tend to do that automatically without the owner’s specific knowledge or consent 😆

    Brush up on GDPR retention policies here, Tim:


    Please, please stay in touch here on my blog. My life would be so empty without you 💔 😞


    • Tim Turner says:

      It is unlawful to process personal data in a professional context without a lawful basis, Paul. I’m not your friend, and I never have been. As I said in the endorsement that you repeatedly begged me to give, you’re a narcissistic bully. You asked for this endorsement in a professional context, which means you are bound by the requirements of the UK GDPR. Retaining and processing data without a lawful basis is an infringement of that law. As you explicitly asked me (four times) for an endorsement of your professional skills – which surely we can agree I have no knowledge or experience of – you have demonstrated your flagrant breaches of UK data protection law.

      Your limp attempt at masking your obviously unlawful actions – pretending that I am your friend, despite the fact that a) we have nothing but contempt for one another and b) you processed my data in an explicitly professional, not domestic context – is highly unconvincing. No court in the land could believe that anyone would be your friend.

      As you have unlawfully disclosed my personal data to a third party data controller (PeoplePerHour) without my knowledge or consent, I will expect your assistance as a data controller to ensure that my data is deleted by them.

      Given that your blog is a toxic mess of right-wing conspiracy theories, I have no wish to stay in touch. You decided to share my personal data without my knowledge and to spam me without any lawful basis, so that will be the extent of our correspondence. My advice is that you remember one of my email addresses, and let me know how you intend to put right your deliberate infringements of the law.


  4. Bully? Nope.
    Narcissist? Nope.
    Right Wing? Definitely nope.

    Conspiracy Theorist? Hmm, difficult call, that. As you should know, the first two recipients of the connotative (or weaponised) version of the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ were the celebrated Washington Post Journalists Woodward and Bernstein. The people branding them ‘conspiracy theorists’ were godawful, criminal secret service head honchos, keen to defend their crooked, malignant POTUS, Richard M Nixon during Watergate.

    Now, being a supporter of brave, honest and dignified professionalism, I don’t mind being compared to such valiant people. So I’m tempted to say, YES, I am a conspiracy theorist. However such is the damage inflicted NOW in the year 2021 to the notion of persons engaging in conspiracy theories by the collective activities of much lesser beings – not you Tim, the captured media – I’m tempted to deny it and proclaim that I’m definitely NOT a conspiracy theorist.

    I suppose in a world without knobheads, I would come out and proudly say yes, I am a conspiracy theorist. But as this beautiful globe is pockmarked with lazy, worthless, cowardly, often salaried and shit scared of upsetting the status quo wasters, always ready to jump on you and stick the boot in, I’ll remain on the fence, thanks.

    Are you salaried Tim? I’m not. I escaped as you know 12 years ago after making mincemeat of two councils and two collections of angry, bullying, gaslighting middle managers and directors who were out for my blood. The kind of people who keep you in the money.

    These victories have helped to shape me into the proud person I am today.

    Are you proud Tim? You don’t really sound it. You come across as more of a bitter, resentful type, hitting out at the world. And you ARE my friend. Stop denying it, haha.

    As for the rest of your message, my advice is for you to read it again and remove the offensive bits. I don’t want to fall out with you. Take care xxx



    What a shame Timmy Turner doesn’t put his energy into exposing the fraud at the ICOand HM Courts. The latest UT decision by Judge Wikeley is concrete proof Wikeley and Denham are acting in concert to Gag Joe Public, see GIA/399/2020(not yet on the UT website)The latest fraud by the ICO is the Radon Gas leak at the ICO which will kill numerous ICO Officials, therefore long may the Radon Gas keep pissing into their basement,


  6. Tim Turner says:

    As I have pointed out repeatedly, you spammed me four times in the context of your professional activities, having passed my personal data unlawfully to a third party. I see that you lack the professionalism to acknowledge this, choosing to deflect with your usual sermonising. You have infringed the law in the way that you have processed my data; am I to conclude that in your capacity as a data controller, you are refusing to apologise and assist in putting the matter right?

    As far as the rest of your message goes, it is defamatory to describe me as your friend, and it is impossible for us to ‘fall out’ as we have no professional or personal relationship, hence your use of my personal data to beg for endorsements being unlawful, inappropriate, and frankly, a bit desperate.


  7. A belated Happy New Year to all our readers and to our friend Tim, who visits occasionally and even rises early in the morning just to catch up.


  8. Tim Turner says:

    So once again, deflection and a coward’s refusal to acknowledge your data protection breaches. There’s nothing wild about my allegations – it’s a sad indictment on your life that a person that you repeatedly claim is your friend is someone who thinks of you as a bully, a coward, and an antisemite. I can think of another forum where we can discuss your illegal behaviour, and you’ll be hearing from me shortly.

    You can keep the floor to yourself here: it’s rancid.


  9. I’d forgotten this one, Tim. It’s the kind of rancid people you end up protecting through your stalwart defence of “a range of innocent organisations” (see above) et al !



  10. This one is excellent Tim. Do you remember a few years ago when you were rushing to vicariously defend abusers of disabled people at Herefordshire Council by criticising my support of a disabled staff member whistleblower who’d been harangued and bullied and made ill by her managers?

    Well, here’s the PIDA report by Grant Thornton on the introduction of the new CRM system. It was secured by the whistleblower and you’ll see it’s highly critical of the bullies you were defending.

    Take your time to have a browse through it. There’s much learning here for those who remain unwilling to climb down from their self-appointed platforms of “I’m a professional person and I know so much more than my inferiors”. Primarily, it’s a lesson in how to challenge power and make it accountable … and how not to snuggle up to it, embracing its bullies and gaslighters for your own ends.

    Click to access Herefordshire%20Council%20PIDA%20Report%20Final%20Version%20June%202014%20read%20only.pdf


    • And just to fill in some of the detail, 3 senior managers had been bullying disabled end-user staff when the CRM software they’d procured from Ciber UK (whose boss happened to reside in Hereford) failed to come up to scratch. So they took their frustration out on the staff.

      To cut a long story very short, half a dozen employees lodged grievances which were by and large upheld. The directors were moved on, but were gagged, paid off, not disciplined, given clean bills of health and the freedom to carry on bullying wherever they landed next. We all know the score………

      As for the disabled staff members, they lodged Employment Tribunal claims – but were quickly pressured into withdrawing them, eased by a consideration, again in public money.

      I was contacted and lodged an FoI asking for the amounts paid, etc. This was refused quoting “personal privacy”. I queried how can declaring £345,678 risk identifying a person? No answer, but the ICO backed them up, as they tend to with councils / public authorities.

      I was all ready to go to 1st tier tribunal but was contacted by the bullied parties, who were coming under further pressure and they asked me not to go ahead.

      That’s how intimidation wins through !! As we all keep witnessing to our dismay, even in times of austerity, there’s always the cash to reward and help the bullies and gaslighters along.

      Perhaps Tim can now put a word in for these downtrodden senior managers / councillors / ICO directors?


  11. Karen Rosser says:

    What a sad and unnecessary rant which says more about the Author than it does about Paul Cardin. Paul Cardin has helped and supported hundreds of people to navigate their way through the Data Protection Act. An Act not fit for purpose which allows Local Authorities to hide wrongdoing be exploiting weakness in the Legislation. Paul Cardin has actually used the Data Protection Act to demonstrate that far from being innocent these organisations are indeed guilty a fact of which I am 100% certain.

    The rant in my opinion demonstrates a person with little or no social skills since the imparted information is akin to what you’d expect from two 5 year olds scrapping in a playground. Paul Cardin is a man of integrity and tenacity, calling him a bully is completely ridiculous.

    To conclude the laughter from those of us helped and supported by Paul Cardin at the comments above are audible. Hopefully the Author will realise how badly his comments reflect on him and remove them.


  12. Bobby47 says:

    Tim, I find your assessment of Mr Paul Cardin cruel and very damaging. Paul is none of the things that you’ve labelled him with. If he were any one of the cruel taunts that must have hurt him and his friends then, as the proprietor of Wirral In It Together, which is his domain and under his control, none of your cruel jibes would be still here to be read by the likes of me. He could simply have deleted your poisonous offerings and that would have been that.
    Instead, despite the hurt he must genuinely feel he has chosen to promote your terrible views of him for everyone to read. This is not the behaviour of a narcissistic bully. This is the behaviour of someone who genuinely feels it necessary for all voices to be heard and read.
    Like you, I received the same email and because I knew in the distant past he and I had exchanged correspondence my very first thought was Mr Cardin had created an electronic request and posted it to anyone, including you and I, who he’d had past contact with. And that’s it. Nothing else. To imply this is in some way a breach of some data protection law is not only false it’s fanciful and very silly.
    Instead, for reasons best known to yourself you’ve gone on the attack and the only single thing you’ve achieved, other than hurting someone, is to display the common traits you accuse Mr Cardin of. Namely those of a narcissistic bully.
    Whilst I am a clinical psychologist and able to draw conclusions about another’s personality disorders, without ever meeting you and digging to discover why you’ve behaved so badly, I’d respectfully suggest that it’s you rather than Mr Cardin who is in need of a handbreak to control your inner feelings of wanting to cause hurt to another person.
    Despite it all I wish you well and hope that my exchange might prompt you to think a little more about the impact your words have on someone who’s never done you any personal harm.


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