Hi Tim Turner,


Disabled people died at Wirral under Noone, the serious case review was dodged, persons were allegedly raped, gangster care companies had been accredited, bogus bank accounts were opened and public money raided, learning disabled persons were evicted onto the streets and some very nasty people didn’t just ‘have their foot in the door’…..the bastards held sway.

I (and the excellent Wirral Leaks website) just may have prevented all the above occurring all over again at Reading. Admittedly I may not. We will never know now because she has gone……

But Timmy boy……….. it ain’t self-serving and it ain’t “nonsense” as you so bizarrely put it……. Not by any stretch of a well-adjusted human being’s imagination!

What an odd, conflicted landscape you occupy…

2040 information law blog

Due to the activities of a particularly noisy blackbird, I woke at 5.15am, and so headed to the ICO’s website to see if they had published their long-awaited report into politics and data analytics. The press release was there, and the report itself was tweeted out a little while ago. Given all the noise and hype (and an enormous amount of misinformation), I have a few observations about the interim report. Given that I predicted that the ICO would do nothing, I should be delighted that Wilmslow has finally decided to respond to all of my goading by taking action, but it’s not quite that simple.

  1. Despite the headlines and strong statements from whistleblower Chris Wylie, Facebook have not been fined £500,000. They might be, but what ICO has done is issued a notice of intent, which means that Facebook has the opportunity to make representations before the…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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