Paul Cardin appears on

6th April 2015

The other day I was invited onto Bastion Radio, a Bristol-based up and coming internet service run by Mike West and Kai Holloway.

They’d seen a few of my tweets and posts and were interested in hearing all about whistleblowing, corrupt councils and compromise (settlement) agreements.  Last night, I took up their kind offer and went on, and was chatting away to Mike and Kai for an hour.

They also have links to the UKColumn website, run by Brian Gerrish.

Here’s a Youtube link to the video / audio; my section begins at 31:00.

The following posts on my blog are referred to during the programme: Agreements Survey) Council – which other councils are hiding abuse?)

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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1 Response to Paul Cardin appears on

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    Yeah I listened in on the full transmission and once again Cardin did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for anything he does. Mind, that said, I do know that before he went on air this champion of openness and transparency and digger of secreted secrets chose to wear matching shoes upon his feet which, given he’s my friend and he’s normally sat alongside me at rock bloody bottom within the blogging community, I’m a little concerned that celebrity, national notoriety and acclaim for his good works may turn his head.
    And if he does become seduced, begins to hide his regional accent, takes to wearing a cravat and forgets for a single moment that he once swam with the likes of ‘me’ and all the other underachievers and the dregs of the blogging community, I’ll have absolutely no problem in ignoring his transformation.
    Why? Because you’d be a fool to cross this lad from the Wirral and I certainly wouldn’t want Cardin scratching the surface of my life and revealing to my wife the search history of my laptop that clearly indicates that I spend an unhealthy amount of time locked up in me attic watching the Wirral Housewives and pleasuring myself. What’smore, I’d urge anyone in public service to avoid my good friends inquisitive eye because no bloody good will come of it!


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