Deconstructing The So Called Jobs Miracle And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Iain Duncan Smith

Let’s get some truth on the fiddled unemployment figures…

the void

Iain Duncan SmithRepeatedly over the last few months the Tories have cheered that there are more people working than ever before as if this was some kind of fucking miracle.  In truth it is exactly what you would expect in a growing population.  Unless the economy is in the grip of recession there are almost always more jobs than ever before.  More people means more jobs.  They all have to shop.

According to the Office for National Statistics the total size of the UK’s workforce – which means all of those working, unemployed, or economically inactive, such as long term sickhas grown by 2.6 million since 2010.  In that period the number of people in work has grown by 2 million.  The disparity is partly down to the rise in women’s pension age, a bodge in how the figure are recorded means that all women under 65 are now included…

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2 Responses to Deconstructing The So Called Jobs Miracle And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Iain Duncan Smith

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    Excellent piece of work Cardin. If I could match it and I was clever enough to do it I would. But I’m not and so I’ll leave it be. Leave it as it and invite anyone with a simple grasp of economics to try and pick fault with your piece that moreorless implies that we’re living and building upon a great lie peddled out by a bunch of lightweight thinking fools who, unfortunately for us all, are the incumbent Government of the day.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Bobby, it’s not my work. It’s the top class, astounding work of The Void. I don’t know who the person is behind it, but I agree, clever, and as per usual, exposes the contradictions and the hypocrisy that are staring us in the face.


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