Jimmy Savile’s BBC Nursemaid to help young students “Identify Fake News” #Brickgate

A tweet came in this morning from HSBC whistleblower @nw_nicholas which immediately grabbed our attention.

It turns out this is a joint effort by four BBC journalists to pass on their ‘expertise’ to our brightest and best kids.  Very worthy.

But on a closer look, is it?


You knew there’d be problems didn’t you?  Lol… and here’s one that struck us…



07 12 2017 - BBC amol rajan - brickgate and fakenews

Amol “Teaching Fact from Fiction” Rajan is a media editor at the Beeb, and although willing to go out preaching to our kids about his own concept of ‘truth’, he’s also quite happy to sit there and say nothing when told in good faith about his own and others’ #FakeNews failings…

Amol cannot claim ignorance on this important and pressing subject.

Here’s a number of tweets we’ve sent directly to him over the last couple of years, as deliberate #FakeNews – designed to influence two Labour leadership elections – poured out from BBC journalists with a political axe to grind, and from the usual suspects at over a dozen national newspapers:







There’s also the unresolved issue of how the BBC promoted and nurtured Jimmy Savile’s unpunished, foul and depraved behaviour for over 40 years, but seemingly without any accountability for those very senior people who may have employed this group of journalists …a group who now seem very keen to get out there amongst our schoolkids, dispensing ‘truth’.

No response has come in from Kamal or Tina or Huw or Amol “Teaching Fact from Fiction” Rajan yet, but we’ll update you if / when one does.

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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