Former Wirral Council Director of Law Bill Norman Resigns from Cheshire East Council

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Former Wirral Council Director of Law, Bill Norman, has resigned from Cheshire East Council following the suspension of himself and two fellow senior officers.

No pay off we assume, but crucially, no disciplinary measures and no public accountability either… as usual.  Knowing his history, maybe this serial gamer of the system and journeyman has been busy looking for something else during the downtime?

If the bulging sacks of cash and growing pension pot he’s amassed during his journey from Torbay to Wirral to Hereford to Cheshire East were not quite enough to cover the mortgage and the lifestyle, then maybe we’ll see him being welcomed into his next well-remunerated senior public sector or “charity” role very soon?

And if we’re wrong, and setting himself up for the future was not the reason for bailing out, presumably somebody in the know on the inside has tipped Norman off as to what form of redress was on the cards…

Next, it’ll be a managed reputation for the inner ring at Cheshire East as the replacement broom sweeps clean and the most damaging aspects of the Bill Norman section of the ‘independent’ investigation are carefully and dutifully ‘lost’.

When we were suspended for five months, followed by a welter of gross misconduct  and ‘bullying’ charges, we were ordered not to contact anybody at Wirral Council, which is standard procedure. The stark difference in our case was that we were innocent on all charges and had no need or desire to contact any racist, bully, bigot, throwback, lackey, drone, clone, Unison traitor or otherwise, because we had no use for them and they for us.

But with Billy boy, he will have been desperate to stay in touch with events as they unfolded, simply to remain in pole position to call the shots. 

And so ……………this is what came to pass.

It is all too familiar, customary, and the road most travelled.  Because this is what transpires and passes for ‘due process’ under a system that’s been got at, contrived and honed over many years, with all paths converging towards the protection of the interests of senior officers and senior councillors…. and the same paths diverging away from the interests of honest whistleblowers, complainants and junior staff…. and by extension, the wider public.

Very rarely does a senior council officer come along who is acting in the public good.

Dignified people, with their good faith threats to the corrupt status quo, will continue to be targeted, lined up, destroyed and dispatched in disgrace as ‘not worthy, and not quite fitting the Bill’ – pun intended…

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2 Responses to Former Wirral Council Director of Law Bill Norman Resigns from Cheshire East Council

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Bill has no honour. None at all! During my early days of being at odds with Bill, who I fully accept is no burglar, no shoplifter or a man prone to violent attacks upon those just hanging about and minding their own business, I lost patience with his activities and tipped up outside the Council Offices in Hereford determined to resolve my differences with Bill. I wanted to fight him. Despite my age and despite the huge difference in our respective levels of fitness, I put in the hard work throughout my many hard and harsh lung bursting training sessions. Running. Lifting weights. Refraining from masturbation. Sparring and training my abdomen to absorb an unholy number of bloody hard punches from Bill. I left nothing to chance. I was as fit as any fat twat could be and after taking one last drag upon my hand rolled cigarette and gulping back a mouthful of ale it all began. After getting his attention from his office window situated high on the third floor howling, ‘Bill get down here you oily little runt of the litter I want to fight you’, I began my stretching routine, got my gloves laced up by my trusty Second, shoved my late Grandmothers gum shield into my mouth and eagerly watched as Bill emerged from his office for our bout. I was about to meet my nemesis.
    No sooner had he climbed beneath the ropes and onto the canvass with me gibbering ‘we want our money back you cheque trousering sneaky little weasel’, Bill boldly walked up to me and after touching gloves and readying myself to punch him as hard as I could in the gob he quickly pulled out an old World War Two service revolver, pulled its trigger discharging a single bullet and shot me dead.
    That’s right. Dead! I was shot dead by Bill Norman who, despite the long held and established pugilistic traditions of the Queensbury Rules, Bill produced a gun inside the boxing ring and shot me dead. And this is the type of man Bill is. No pride. No honour. A man who does not box by the rules and the irresponsible owner of a firearm that he had no business owning or using on me or any other tax payer who had formed the opinion that he was getting wealthy from the trough of public funding.
    Many of you will doubt the validity of this tale of woe and some might even question that I am actually dead. Well I bloody am and if I could be bothered to explain how it’s possible for a dead boxer to communicate these things from beyond the grave then I would if I could.


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