#Brickgate – Angela Eagle MP – Freedom of Information Request to Merseyside Police

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2nd August 2016

On 16th July 2016 the following FOI request was lodged with Merseyside Police.  It was done by a publicly-engaged, public-spirited person who was quick to see the possibility / likelihood that national and local newspapers had come together almost as one to convey a kind of collective misrepresentation of the events.

This occurred on either 11th or 12th July in the area of Angela Eagle MP’s constituency office at Sherlock House, Manor Road, Wallasey, Merseyside.


We’ve provided assistance to the requester by making some annotations with links to the blog posts we’ve been publishing lately on the same subject – that of a reported brick being thrown through one of the building’s windows, as follows:

17th July 2016

#Brickgate - Angela Eagle's Office Window Was Not Broken 

24th July 2016 

#Brickgate - A Story That Won't Go Away 

1st August 2016 

#Brickgate - Angela Eagle and The Guardian - A further Update

We also made the following separate FOI request today with the intention of confirming that Angela Eagle’s office window had not been broken, and also the nature of the projectile that was thrown and whether it was collected as evidence and was still in Merseyside Police’s possession:


We’ve already lodged an initial complaint with IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation), the press regulator, concerning a Daily Telegraph article dated 12th July, which we believe falls foul of the Editors’ Code of Conduct as regards accuracy, and some of the points raised here will make these two FOI requests interesting to watch as the situation develops.

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