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Employment Tribunal Case – Mrs A Mountney versus Wirral Council

30th January 2017 Here’s an excerpt from the CourtServe website listing a 5 day Employment Tribunal case starting today 30th January at Vernon Street Civil and Family Court at 10:00 am: The nomenclature in use above deciphers as follows: DDA … Continue reading

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Angela Eagle’s 17 whistleblowers – The Eagle 17 – Are they REAL?

7th August 2016 Angela Eagle, failed Labour leadership candidate, has referred publicly in the press to a group of 17 unnamed people she describes as ‘whistleblowers’.  This group have made allegations and are presumably at some point going to expand their case further … Continue reading

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Radio 5 Live Investigates – Settlement Agreements and Gagging Clauses

3rd April 2016 Here’s a link to details of today’s BBC 5 Live programme at 11:00am: The above forms the link to the actual programme, which is available on BBC iPlayer for the next 30 days. Settlement Agreements (formerly known as Compromise Agreements) are legal … Continue reading

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Corporate abuse of disabled people needn’t sound the death knell for your career

***11th July 2015 – update*** Brook are looking for a new CEO See also: Brook appear to be lying low re: Mike Fowler / foul abuse 7th July 2015 Some years ago, Wirral Borough Council’s reputation lay in complete tatters, after … Continue reading

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A tale of two thefts

Theft number #1 Person responsible = Joanna Inch, carer Amount of money involved = £15, following the discovery of money going missing Number of persons targeted = 1 OAP Number of arrests = 1 Number of court cases = 1 Number … Continue reading

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Liz Davies’ Open Letter to Margaret Hodge

Originally posted on Desiring Progress:
Last Friday (August 1st, 2014), Margaret Hodge, Labour MP for Barking and Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, issued a statement on the poor treatment of whistleblowers, and how they are often victimised by managers…

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With ‘regret’, the local police have cleared abusive Wirral Council on ISUS

14th July 2014 – Merseyside plod clear Wirral Council on ISUS impropriety (…and thank them for their openness) ISUS stands for ‘Intensive Start Up Scheme’. ALLEGATIONS RELATED TO ISUS BUSINESS SUPPORT.PDF BIG stands for Business Investment Grant ALLEGATIONS RELATED TO … Continue reading

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National Audit Office report – Making a Whistleblowing Policy Work

This report, a long time in the making, was published today by the National Audit Office: One of the recurring themes within it points to a failure by government bodies to correctly acknowledge whistleblowers, to register their issues, to act on … Continue reading

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15 months on, an answer is in for my FoI request about former CEO Jim Wilkie

Like previous favoured ex-employees, former Chief executive Jim Wilkie is having his personal information AND privacy jealously guarded by his former employer, Wirral Council.  In fact they’ve gone way beyond the extra mile once again. Remember when it took over a YEAR to … Continue reading

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Wirral Council’s facilitation of whistleblowers

Attention all whistleblowers!! An “approachable” Wirral councillor stands tall as the person to go to directly.   I hear this person is “yer man”, and his record speaks for itself.  If you’re a fledgling whistleblower, slightly unsure, but determined to make an … Continue reading

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