A tale of two thefts

Theft number #1

09 11 14 joanna inch

Credit: ITV News


Person responsible = Joanna Inch, carer

Amount of money involved = £15, following the discovery of money going missing

Number of persons targeted = 1 OAP

Number of arrests = 1

Number of court cases = 1

Number of persons made accountable for their actions = 1

Prison sentences handed down =  Jailed for four months

Theft number #2


Person responsible = Council leader / Social Services portfolio holder Steve Foulkes

Amount of money involved = £736,756.97 (confirmed here in an FOI request to Wirral Council)

Number of persons targeted = unknown number of learning disabled people, but upwards of 16, several of whom are now dead.  Council actions taken in full knowledge, and over a period of up to 9 years.

Number of arrests = 0

Number of court cases = 0

Number of persons made accountable for their actions = 0

Prison sentences handed down = 0  (Steve Foulkes was elevated to Mayor)

9 11 14 - foulkes remembrance

9th November 2014

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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3 Responses to A tale of two thefts

  1. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    To think that I feel a little compassion toward Joanna Inch. I do! Wrong as she is, her Modus Operandi was exactly the same as the targets of this well written piece, namely the bloody Council. Cunning, guile, sleight of hand and the money has disappeared in the blink of an eye and whilst Joanna Inch, who Im betting is fiscally knackered because she’s poverty stricken, gets arrested, charged and humiliated before the reading Wirral, the bloody Council can lawfully syphon away over seven bloody hundred thousand grand and it’s all ignored and never examined.
    I bloody hate the Council and I hate the bloody legislators who’ve created statutory legal instruments that allow this form of illicit activity. I ought to hate Joanna Inch. I should! But I bloody don’t. She’s as much a victim as the poor soul she nicked fifteen quid from because of the imbalance that now exists between us the givers and them, the ruling hierarchy who are the rotten takers.
    We like to think of ourselves as a modern, free and fair society. We ain’t! Far from it. When a tap dancing liar of a Premier can lead us all into an illegal conflict and it gets signed off as all being above board, it’s no wonder that the trickle down affect is that the ruling elite can do and get away with anything because the standards we use to hold the poor accountable are entirely different to those that society applies to the rich, the powerful and the bloody rotten stinking Council.
    How I got from Joanna Inch to bloody Blair, I’ve no idea, and frankly I couldn’t care less.


  2. Wirral In It Together says:

    Thanks Bobby. Your comments are always welcome and you’re bang on the nail again.

    HOW can somebody at the helm during YEARS of serial power abuse and failed governance now find himself courted, feted, and demeaning the dignity of the office of first citizen of Wirral on a daily basis? He’s only too happy to accept the plaudits that are still directed at that office without apparently a twinge of guilt or a backward glance over the many victims, not all of whom survived the callousness, the trashing of public oversight and the self-enriching corruption that reigned supreme during his long tenure as a broken council leader.

    I think you answered this but it’s all part of the destruction of the Labour Party from above. As our forefathers now get dizzy rotating in their graves, we’re left here on earth, watching all the old admirable values they fought for being swept away – to be replaced by selfish, “torylite” short-term, greedy, grabbing, devil take the hindmost ‘business needs’.

    With stars in their eyes, and not a care for vulnerable citizens, it seems Foulkes and chumz, being impressionable types, got swept along with the grasping, the grabbing and the greed.


  3. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    Course, the destruction of The Labour Party isn’t entirely the fault of the liar Blair. It can’t be. Afterall, everything that happens is the work of God. It is! Yes, the bloody rotten, stinking liar Blair was the instrument that actually did it, but he only did it because God was behind it.
    Yes! God was behind it. He’s behind everything and he does all these things for a reason. Quite why he’d think to himself, ‘let’s destroy the Labour Party’, I’ve no idea and unless Im an odd sort of fish, Id say nobody else knows why either.
    You see, this is the way God works. He goes about things in an entirely unusual way. Instead of concentrating his vast and unimaginable powers on people like the liar Blair and some of those associated with The Council who’ve gone out of their way to mismanage and misappropriate public funding, and for example, dropping a large rock on their heads or delivering them an enormous bolt of lightening, God does it all in a roundabout way. This is the way God works. Nothing he does is straightforward and if you want my view, he’s all the poorer for it. In fact, if he wanted to really get us to look up to the heavens, howl ‘Halleluzah!’ and take notice, he’d do well to deliver us all a mighty voice, tell us all who’s going to get it, feel his wrath and why, and let the voltage do the rest.
    I reckon God is doing all these things so that the entire model of public service upon the Wirral gets so buggared up, we, the meek and the bloody mild, who are supposedly those who’ll inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, will rise up because God has made it nigh on impossible not to rise bloody up and take matters into their own hands.
    Mind, say some lad from Birkenhead takes things into his own hands, builds a vast mincing machine that dispatches all those who’ve been instrumental in the downfall of the Wirral, finds himself stood before the Judge who says, ‘you are a menace to society. Your terrible invention of a machine is a horror and you’ll go to prison for fifty bloody years’, what are we to make of that? Was he just doing what God wanted him to do, namely shoving these people into his dreadful contraption and clearly had no choice in the matter, or was he a bloody nutcase who God had’nt been watching. Mind, then again, God must have noticed this lad from Birkenhead going out of his way buying welding equipment, lots of metals and spending a lot of time sharpening the mincing blades and muttering, ‘I’m going to invite them all up here to my garage, get them to climb inside my dreadful and hideous contraption and end our misery’.
    No! I reckon God has gotta start delivering some on the spot summary justice and stop pissing about with all these signs, omens and portents that are only confusing deep thinkers like me. Yes, his way of doing things in a very roundabout way worked in centuries gone by, but it ain’t working today and Id like him to start kicking off and begin to take direct action against those who are getting away with this organised and entirely illicit activity.
    Yes, that’s it. Instead of allowing these sycophantic tics to continue getting fat from our funding, allowing their cholesterol to hit twenty nine point bloody nine, clogging up their arteries and gifting them the Mother of all heart attacks and ending them, God should stop pissing about, and when they emerge from their fine homes ready for another day upon the gravey train, he should simply drop a ten ton rock on their heads, thus making it clearly obvious to the people that only God could have managed to raise a ten ton rock above a house and drop it on their heads as they were about to leave home for yet another day in paradise.
    That’d make these people think! If I was up to no good and I knew that God was onto me and he had the ability to find a ten ton rock, raise it above my threshold and drop it on me head, it’d make me think twice!!!


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