The Serialisation of “Return to Bomb Alley – The Falklands Deception” – Part Nine

Were any ships containing “The 1,000lb bomb” sunk during the conflict, creating a ‘Broken Arrow’ situation?

Through my communications role, I was relatively ‘in the know’ and from memory, “THE 1,000lb bomb” was being transferred from ship to ship on a regular basis. I pondered at the time; why the reliance upon playground level cloak and dagger? I didn’t know. Why the inability to refer to this bomb in more definite terms, the way we did with all other armaments? I didn’t know.

Post-conflict, it got me thinking, what if it had been a nuclear weapon?

What if one of the ships that was sunk had been carrying “THE 1,000lb bomb”?

What if one or more nuclear bombs are still lying there – like Broken Arrows – 40 years later and have been increasingly left subject to the whims of natural entropy?

EXPOSED. From 3rd January 2022 – exclusive from Declassified UK

Part ONE:

Part TWO:


Part FOUR:

Part FIVE:

Part SIX:



Part TEN:

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