CBDC. Central Bank Digital Currencies. One to watch. When will cash no longer be king?


A new monetary order and a new legal tender is being carved out quite openly, under our noses. It’s reasonable to assume that token-based cash in pocket, although historically massively convenient, now has its days numbered.

The future for central bankers is one in which every single penny can be followed, tracked, monitored, and all done for your convenience, according to them.

One day, if you don’t possess or can’t afford a mobile phone or a laptop or a tablet, you won’t simply be technogically destitute, you will be quite literally destitute, because you won’t possess a virtual wallet or purse to store the only money that will be acceptable to others.

The halcyon days of your own personal privacy will also be numbered because intrusive control and surveillance mechanisms will be tied to the introduction of this money and you will have to open up and succumb to the bankers in order to continue to EXIST.

Every transaction you will ever be involved in will be recorded. It’s also possible that the information contained will be weighed, examined, interrogated and you will find yourself either rewarded if you play along and keep your nose clean OR inhibited, punished, prevented from taking part where faceless central bankers have deemed you’re an undesirable – a terrorist, a subversive, a politically problematic type, or maybe somebody who’s shunned vaccinations and needs bringing into line.

Or maybe you have the technology needed but simply don’t have enough money to qualify for the superior levels of service. A bracket which would obviously include many, many billions of us.

So what could go wrong?

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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