Dudley hospital whistle-blower settles out of court

It’s still not to safe to raise your head and act in the public interest ANYWHERE within the crooked, bullying NHS…


Stourbridge News 29 December 2014 First published 05:00 Monday 29 December 2014 i

A FORMER Dudley hospital security manager who claimed he lost his job after making whistle-blowing allegations has settled his case out of court.

David Ore, an ex-police officer from Wolverhampton Street, Dudley, made claims for unfair dismissal and detriment against the Dudley Hospitals Group NHS Foundation Trust.

He told Birmingham Employment Tribunal he lost his job after making whistle-blowing allegations which were triggered after an elderly male patient was found dead at a bus stop following his discharge in the early hours from Russells Hall Hospital.
Mr Ore, former security manager for the Dudley Group, said the Trust had “put the blame on security staff” and the incident sparked whistle-blowing allegations that he went on to make about the restraining of patients.

The Trust opposed Mr Ore’s claims and suspended him at one stage. He was eventually reinstated…

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