Christmas, New year and beyond…

Dear Readers…

Have a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant New Year.
I predict a year of massive change on Wirral and nationally.
Especially if people wake up and DON’T VOTE Labour, DON’T VOTE Tory, DON’T VOTE Lib Dem (written off anyway) and DON’T VOTE UKIP.

Keep on binning the crap and lies that they’re gonna litter your doormat with. There’ll be torrents of shite this time around; more than there ever was.


Look at this manifesto, which looks very appealing. Do something brave and different for once and give the corrupted wasters (ALL funded by super rich backers) a much-needed RUSTY ROCKET up the back passage…

o Impose a wealth tax on the wealthiest 1% generating over £20 billion per annum.
o Introduce a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions generating a further £20 billion per annum.
o Replace council tax with a land value tax requiring wealthy land owners who benefit from massive Common Agricultural Policy subsidies to pay something back to society.
o A 50% tax rate on salaries over £100,000.
o Scrap Trident and HS2 saving over £100 billion.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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2 Responses to Christmas, New year and beyond…

  1. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    What Im about to transmit ain’t going to please my dear and good friend the mighty Paul Cardin. More than likely, he’ll read this offering, slam his front door shut, hurtle down the A49 to Hereford, tap on me door and stab me in the eye with a soft leaded pencil because Im preaching ‘Vote UKIP’.
    Yep! Im going to vote UKIP. Madness ain’t it and in a short passage of time Im going to explain why. But, first and foremost, as always, other than the UKIP issue, I agree with everything my friend says. I always do but as far as UKIP is concerned, it’s this area that I take an opposite view to Paul.
    When it comes to the next election Im putting my cross against the name of the UKIP Candidate who will rid me of this European Union which, in my view is the greatest man made social engineering mistake since Hitler decided the German people required more living space.
    This UKIP Candidate that I will vote for could be the ugliest man or woman ever born. They could have three sixes tattooed on their buttocks, have cloven feet, two stumps on their forehead that can only be the beginnings of horns growing on their head and I don’t care. They could be the Anti Christ and it’ll have no impact upon me whilst Im stood in the Polling Booth. Im voting UKIP.
    This Candidate could be the most thick and unintelligent person ever to spring forth from a Loving Mothers loins and still, even then, I’ll vote UKIP because I want out of this European Union.
    Yes, Im willing to take the hand of Lucifer and all his little handmaidens to ensure that this European Union is broken up and Europe does not start its Third World War.
    I began to think differently a couple of years ago when I met a lad called Igor from Latvia who was picking fruit in Hereford. We fish together and we talk. He’s a Bio Chemist and a former University Lecturer and he’s in Hereford, working sixty to seventy hours a week on the minimum wage and he lives in a Home of Multi Occupancy that contains another twenty two highly educated migrants who either pick fruit or pluck bloody chicken.
    For my part, I will never grasp the economic sense in Igor leaving his home and spending his highly educated brain picking bloody fruit in the orchards of Hereford. What of his home economy? How on earth does it benefit Latvia. Yes! He sends money home to support his family and it benefits the Latvian economy but the pounds earned in Hereford are not recycled locally and other than making a local farmer rich because he’s able to exploit this model of cheap labour, it doesn’t do a great deal to help my local economy.
    The whole economic model of free movement of people is nonsensical and completely unsustainable. In short, it’s a madness and the burden upon public services is much to great to bear.
    But the worst madness is the political frictions that are currently developing in the many East and Central European countries who are as divided as the Ukraine. Many want to be tied to Mother Russia and many want what the EU promises that is, ‘come and join us in the land of Milk and Honey for everyone.’
    A democratically elected government was overthrown in Ukraine because the West of that land wanted to eat popcorn, walk on block paving and become westernised while the East wanted to remain free of the EU and NATO. Other nations like Belarus and Georgia are faced with the exact same problem and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.
    The mandarins of Brussels have been pushing, seducing and edging their way ever closer in their thirst to create an expansion of their land and it has nothing to do with free trade and free movement of people. It’s entirely down to one single thing. The EU wants to grow and grow and grow, rule everyone and rid themselves of the notion that any of us have an individual nationality, indidual law, cultural identity and an ability to make our own way in the world.
    If we continue as we are, very very soon, NATO will begin edging closer to the Countries that are in turmoil over this ‘West and East’ issue and who they wish to be aligned to, and before we know it our political leaders will sanction military bases in places that will prove to be very uncomfortable to Putin and Mother Russia.
    And then, once the stage is set, you’ve got the beginnings of a conflict of ideology, another sort of Cold War and the chance that some fool will attack a NATO Country. Course, once we reach the stage that pits one of our so called allies against the other side, the recipe for bloody war is completed.
    The Ukraine is just the beginning. Other Countries will follow, there will be further conflicts to come because some want the EU and others will want Mother Russia and all because the EU and Baroness bloody Ashton wanted to build their empire and become bigger and more mighty than they were before.
    This is the way of things. This is what political leaders do. They want their name in a history book even if it’s only a brief and short reference in Chapter Six, titled, ‘ The Folly of EU Expansionistic Policy’.
    Yep! Im voting UKIP and anyone who thinks otherwise disagrees with me.


  2. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    And, because this issue is so sensitive in these days of hysterical right wing thinking, I don’t blame any of the good people who’ve travelled to the United Kingdom for a better life. If I were in their position I’d be doing exactly the same thing. Escaping these dreadful places and bringing up my children in a place that allows freedom, encourages a smile and allows a person to fulfill themselves and aim for a better future.
    Brought up beneath the shadow of grinding poverty and old communist ideology who can blame all these people for wanting to escape their historical past. For my part, my conversion to UKIP has nothing to do with these people. My objection is entirely down to the bureaucratic beast of burden that we call the European Union and its expansionistic policies that are creating social unrest, political uncertainty and conflict between the West and the East. That’s it! Nothing else.
    This unholy model of economic madness sees my Country hosting a vast number of people who are being exploited both commercially and socially by the worst form of capitalism.
    Factor in these things with the accompanying madness that comes with extreme right wing thinking and you end up with a political party like UKIP that taps into people’s fears, a destabilised social community cohesion and political figures like David bloody Blunket warning people to be wary of the poor old Roma people who’ve been the target of everyone’s woes for the best part of a century.
    My neighbours are Romanian. There lovely people. There ain’t anything wrong with them. It’s us who are the problem. Tied and bound to a mad social engineering experiment our great Country is now reduced to this! Despite all this and despite the fact that I don’t like UKIP, still, even now, cognisant that I am probably wrong, I am going to vote UKIP so that I can save my grandchildren from a future of fear and turmoil brought about by these idiots who’ve pulled political levers and succeeded in creating this disasterous mistake that only working class people will pay the price for.
    I’ve thought long and hard about my ‘odd conclusion’ and it is the only option available that will speed up our exit from the EU.
    Imagine if we were not in the EU. We could open our doors and say to the poor people from Africa and Asia, ‘you’ve now no longer any need to risk your lives. You come to us. We’ll not see you languishing in poverty in Calaise’. We could do these things. We could do them easily if only we were not tied and bound to the mandarins of Brussels who’d rather exploit cheap labour than extend a helping hand to the weak and the needy who want to live a life.


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