US Healthcare Firm Takes Over From GPs To Treat Workers On Sick Leave: NHS Privatisation Is Already Happening

Are you off work with a genuine illness? Stand by to be registered with US $$Healthcare after 4 weeks, then driven out of your livelihood beneath a cloak of “Employer Support”…

the void

NHS-privatisationAs the NHS descends into chaos, a US healthcare insurance firm is quietly being installed to take over key front line services from GPs including providing certification to bosses for staff absences due to sicknesss.   In addition employers are to be given tax breaks to fund medical treatment for staff when it has been recommended by these private sector healthcare professionals.

The new ‘Fit for Work’ service is to be run by Maximus in England and Wales, the same company brought in to replace Atos to carry out the despised assessments for out of work sickness and disability benefits.  In a major embarrassment for DWP Ministers, Fit To Work was expected to launch late last year but so far all Maximus have managed is a website and a phoneline.

When the service is finally implemented employers will be able to refer staff to Fit for Work if they have…

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1 Response to US Healthcare Firm Takes Over From GPs To Treat Workers On Sick Leave: NHS Privatisation Is Already Happening

  1. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    The entire model of the NHS is busted. The outcome of ‘looming privatisation’ seems to me to be inevitable.
    My wife is a Nurse. She’s stuck in the middle of it and she describes it as chaos. She doesn’t think it’s down to a lack of funding. She feels that no matter how much money is thrown at it the outcome of continued chaos is inevitable.
    The reasons? Well Paul, no initial surprises. The Management hirearchy are incompetent bungling idiots who lurch from one steaming cow pat to another, never giving anything they’ve touched or glanced at a backward glance and learning some lessons. Like those within the Council, or indeed most other public services, they, the ones who’ve got their hands on the rudder and the levers of power relentlessly churn our ‘gimmicks’, blue sky thinking and undiluted Codswallop that infects all beneath them.
    Quite simply, they come up with an idea, tweek it here and there, shovel it downwards, ask all to work with it and in most cases around it and then, when it all goes belly up and thousands have been wasted, they move on to the next area of concern. It’s relentless. Imagine if you can the chaos within Wirral Council or any other one. Doing it? Well, now multiply that thought by a factor of thousands and you’ll come half way to understanding how bad it all really is.
    The Nursing profession? Many Nurses are wonderful caring people who’ve been at the job for most of their adult lives. However, many are completely lazy, they have no care, they’ve found a place that is a safe haven for skiver’s and they flit about daily doing little or nothing and nobody ever challenges this culture.
    Particularly the younger ones, ‘we don’t do that. We have degrees’, they’ve no sense of warmth, care or self pride. They happily work within the rubbish the hirearchy shovel downwards and their working life is built around the curse of the NHS. Bloody Courses! Yep! Nowadays, the new Nurses emerge from their probationary period and they can’t do anything because they’ve never been shown how to do anything. Taking blood. Carrying out an ECG or doing a Spirometry Test are daily tasks that they cannot do. What happens? They get sent on a Course. Over and over and over again, dominated by Human Resources Department and the model of career advancement, they send you on a Course that allows one to choose which field of work you want to work within.
    And they all want to specialize. Few want to be a Nurse who can work on a Ward or within A and E and deal with a whole range of problems. No! They want to specialize and they want to go on Courses so that, armed with these rich qualifications, they can exist flitting here, there and everywhere without ever having to get to close to a patient who has wet the bed.
    This is the way it is. Twenty percent of the Nursing workforce carry the eighty percent who probably should never have chosen Nursing as their future career.
    The Doctors? Many are good and hard working. Alas, some, because they weren’t particularly good, and local GP Surgeries didn’t want them, they too end up in the Hospital where their laziness and their incompetence will never be addressed. Like the lazy Nurses, they find a safe haven for their worthless talents.
    Orphapedic Surgeons? There are simple far to many. In years gone by an Orphapaedic Surgeon dealt with every single bone and joint in the body. They knew most of what was going on beneath our flesh. Nowadays! They specialize on one single area of the body. No more the entire bloody leg. Not nowadays. We’ve got Consultant Surgeons for the feet, the ankle, the knee and the bloody hips and each one of them is followed by an Administration Team, Nurses and others who’ve all chosen to specialize rather than ever deal with the man who’s bust his leg and pissed his bed because nobody thought he was worth the time to visit and chat with over a cup of tea.
    In short, like the Councils up and down the Country the NHS has become a bureaucratic beast of burden and I’ve absolutely no idea what anyone can do to halt its slide toward privatisation.


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