On Sue Marsh, Maximus, and Moving On

Disability rights campaigner Sue Marsh is allegedly a “new woman” following recent medical interventions. However, if you go to her blog, under the heading “Occupation: Sick Person” she’s still detailing her illness, whilst preparing to take on a full time post with the enemy, under the coalition, under IDS, for a reported £75,000 salary.

Presumably the ‘scrounging’ must be over and she’s now “fit for work”.

I hope she never becomes a whistleblower, or continues criticising IDS and government policy because A. Her contract won’t permit it and B. She will then truly have the scales torn from her eyes as the wrath of the callous bastards descends heavily upon her.

She now has to forget the last six years and start toeing the line.  Did she think this through…………?

the void


It is hard to accept when someone you trusted has stabbed you in the back.  It is unsuprising that there are those who cling to the – frankly fucking ludicrous notion – that the appoinment of a prominent claimant and disability campaigner to a highly paid role with Maximus represents a cunning plan by Sue Marsh to take down the system from the inside.  Or that she is still working for claimants really, not the people who are paying her £75,000 a year.  The sad truth is that seemingly nice people do shitty things for a lot less money than that every single day.  No matter what lies Sue has told herself, and us to justify this betrayal, do not believe for a second that it is Maximus who are being played.

Maximus are not idiots.  They are as slick a bunch of bastards as you are likely to find…

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1 Response to On Sue Marsh, Maximus, and Moving On

  1. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    Has Sue really thought this through? Apparently she has, and my guess would be some seventy five thousand times! Course, Im certain this good lady will justify this step change of opinion and proclaim that people who come under the gaze of Maximus will always come first. Yes, first! Joint bloody first every single time. Neck and neck with the profit margins of Maximus who, through cunning, guile and downright corporate greed that saving the public millions and making themselves hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money, is a wonderful and entirely good arrangement that only goes to helping and easing the pain of the weak and the vulnerable and those who didn’t have the entrepuniarel good sense to create a political blog and eventually cash in on the notoriety that once made you a thorn in the side to the current Governmental incumbents.
    Course, this conclusion is the one of a cynic and I suppose like all good conspiracy theories the whole thing will be validated by an eventual OBE for Sue and the glowing testimony of some well chosen claimants who’ll cry, ‘if it weren’t for Sue Id have ended up with nothing. Thanks to her and her championing my cause I’ve still got me crutches and I can still swim once a week at the local community pool for only half the normal admission fee. Thank you Jesus, thank you Sue and thank you Lord’.


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