Leon Brittan, Special Branch and the creation of a surveillance state

Intriguing, compelling article on Leon Brittan and child abuse…

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1 Response to Leon Brittan, Special Branch and the creation of a surveillance state

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    It seems to me that we are a great nation when it comes to fighting for freedom but considerably less successful at living it.
    Some fool with a deranged ideology blows himself and others up and the bloody politicians are out in force howling, ‘they’ll never beat us’, and then we get a raft of new legislation that chips more away of these freedoms our ancestors fought so hard to keep safe.
    The bloody chances of me bumping into some headbanger who’s desperately keen to slice off my head are so remote it’s not worth even considering and yet, the legislation and technical intrusion into all our lives increases every single day Sky rotten News tell us all to be afraid.
    I’m not bloody afraid of ISIS. I’m afraid of British Governments. If bloody ISIS ever crept up my path, tapped upon my door and said, ‘convert to Islam fatso are we are going to hack your ravaged body to bits,’ I’ll say, ‘hand me your compass and pass me that there prayer mat’.
    It’s all bloody rubbish and I’ll be damned if I allow anybody to make me afraid.
    And as for the terrible revelations that scores of children were abused by the Establishment and the apparent tacit approval and turning of a blind eye to their illicit activities, by agencies who’s purpose it was to protect, I spit phlegm in their faces.
    These organisations had no such problem finding a purpose to drill holes into the mortar of Scargills home, plant listening devices and listen in on his most private conversations. They had no problem, monitoring his phone calls, following him everywhere, recruiting informants and creating chaos, but they couldn’t be bothered to step forward and stop a young lad being buggared by the great and the good whenever they chose to do it.
    No! Because the meek and the bloody mild don’t bloody matter. What matters to them is control and they’ll say and do mostly anything to make us afraid, convince us all that all is well as long as they can do whatever they like to protect us.
    We’ll I don’t bloody need protecting thank you very much. I’m just fine and dandy. All I want is a measure of honesty and sincerity that convinces me that the weak and the vulnerable will be cared for, they won’t tilt their satellite half a degree West because I once tapped out the word ‘bo.mb’ and I’m allowed to live my life without being asked to hate someone or some people I’ve never met.
    They can all get stuffed if anything I say is worth a jot of notice!


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