2 Years – 24 Months – 730 Days – 17520 Hours – 1051200 Minutes – 63072000 Seconds.

Excellent, determined and noble work from Audrey. Exposing the callous behaviour of the hideous, uncaring beasts on the footplate of the runaway Liverpool Gravy Train.

For Love of the Mainman......

On 26th February 2015 it will be 2 years since the Mainman received his  injuries after being place with the care provider Autism Initiatives Day Service *Kaleidoscope* Liverpool.

The Mainman needed six operations to repair the injuries he received while in their care and will require more in the future, the Mainman’s Legal Team are  pursuing Liverpool Council through the courts using the new Woodlands Law.

The Mainmans care package, a legal document when signed off by the council said  The Mainman  should not be isolated.  The Mainman was isolated from his peers and this is when he received his injuries, his legal teams has been constantly asking for information/files from Liverpool City Council, they have ignored these requests and have been nothing but obstructive.

The Mainman’s legal team applied to the courts who instructed the council to release the information/files –  the Council were also instructed to pay court costs.

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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1 Response to 2 Years – 24 Months – 730 Days – 17520 Hours – 1051200 Minutes – 63072000 Seconds.

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    Audrey, Whilst I haven’t got very much to offer, what skills I have and what contacts I have are yours to use if ever you feel the need to ‘go to war’.
    If ever you need more help to support your boy then simply ask for it and it’ll be given. My very warmest regards to you and your family.


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