Don’t Give Money To Beggars At Christmas Say Bastards Who Run Homelessness Charities

Liverpool Council and others step in to divert your cash AWAY from homeless people and into the deep pockets of “Charity” bosses on six figure salaries…

the void

Nasty posters like these have become a regular feature in some cities in over the Christmas period. Nasty posters like these have become a regular feature in some cities in over the Christmas period.

Homelessness charities in two cities have decided to spread some Christmas love by urging people not to give money to homeless beggars in the cold Winter months.

A campaign spearheaded by Liverpool Council, with the backing of some local charities and the police, warns that “Your Kindness Could Kill” because many homeless people spend all their money on drugs or alcohol.  Elsewhere in Bath the message is more explicit, warning that the city has a reputation for being “easy to beg in” which could harm the town “socially and economically”.

These nasty campaigns began in 2003 when several London charities including Thamesreach and St Mungos teamed up with Tory Westminster Council to produce posters warning that beggars spend all their money drugs.  The message from the charities was clear, give the…

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5 Responses to Don’t Give Money To Beggars At Christmas Say Bastards Who Run Homelessness Charities

  1. James Kay says:

    That’s a very sour and cynical way of describing the response of charity workers specialising on the homeless such as those who staff the Big Issue. When I have talked to them about their approach to opposing begging they emphasise the work they do to try to build self respect and self reliance amongst folks who have very low self esteem and high levels of dependency. That’s why the Big Issue sellers have to sell their paper to regular customers. They are developing skills which will stand them in good stead in the rest of their lives. Begging is the opposite of building self esteem and reliance and whilst I have a couple of Big Issue vendors I support every week – I wouldn’t give money to beggars on the street.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      I’m a passive cynic, whereas Liverpool City Council’s Mayor Anderson is a very busy and active cynic. There’s a huge difference. Being an active cynic harms people.

      There’s something in the pipeline right now which will give you a much-needed insight into the scandalous and harmful conduct of this man.

      So stick around for the kind of depressing and alarming answer which Mayor Anderson is perfectly qualified to provide.

      Bye for now James.


  2. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    Well I give money to beggars whenever I can. It’s of no concern to me how my gift impacts upon them or those who claim that Im wrong. I couldn’t care less. Giving some poor soul a quid from my deminishing pile is the very least I can do to support those who’ve taken a different route in life to me and all the others who can sit at home, feel loved and warm and be free of the burden of trying, as James has done and turning this issue on its head, spinning it round and pretending to themselves that they, and only they know what’s bloody best.
    Besides, it makes me feel good about me and I ain’t gotta gather around a table attending pointless meetings that allow the great and the good to tell me why it’s possible to be wrong when you give a little of yourself to those less fortunate. Thankfully, I, and many others, don’t have to gaze in awe at some graph that shows beggars do not benefit from the kindness of others. Free of the burden that Charities, and their huge bloated infra structures know bloody best, I’ll continue to shove a quid in the hand of someone who ain’t doing as well as me.


  3. mark says:

    I was agressive begged from down south UK.
    1. She had a flat. had the dole. she was eating food. And agressively begged of me every hour. I ran out of rent money and lost all hope.
    2. A man down south agressively begged for my food cash. He was on dole. sliping at camp site had a lover and wanted to drink bitter. I throw him my last food cash. I starved.
    3. Another lady infact 2 who had flats begged of me when homless. I gave in and gave my food cash. Almost died that week.

    I seeked the protection of glasgow up north. Homless due to agressive beggers.
    I was agressively begged from close to glasgow busss station.

    I never beged never will. But i been begged from all around glasgow.
    I gave all my shoping away last week. had to flee glasgow to protect my self.
    Im hurting bad as a giver. I’ belive to any over giver there should come a stime one can stop giving.

    beggin in UK is on the rise. 72% increase in all major cities over last 3 years.

    Many beggers have flats. its an abit like acolism. Thay beg for 4,000 TV’s so thay can buy one.
    Many are on the dole.
    There is free food and most know it in all major cities in uk.

    Studies have shown theres no need to beg.

    2 years later I’m homless. If Only i never gave in the first place life would of been worth living.
    Don’t give up. DONT GIVE if you dont want too. Spesually if you cannot aford it.

    A bird left me today due to my giving abits.

    No more giving. Wants a life worth living.


  4. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    The World is going bloody mad. Here we all are trudging round in debt that’ll see off an entire generation of youngsters who’ve absolutely no chance of ever being free of the chaos we’ve created and what are they doing up and down the Country? Bloody focussing on the poor sodding beggars and drunks who just happen to blight the landscape of our bloody shiney and happy clappy world.
    Good grief! Leave the beggars and drunks be. Give them some respite from the terrible debilitating situation they find themselves in. We’ve had folk begging and getting blasted out of their brains way before we got our hands on the printing press and began transmitting our views on shite like this. We’ve really got no problem with begging and we’ve really got no problem with folk who like to get inebriated on a consistent basis. They ain’t the bloody problem. It ain’t them. It’s bloody us. We’re the bloody problem. No beggar or drunk has ever done me, you or anyone else any harm at all. Leave them bloody be!
    The bloody Council want us to stop and not divert our money to the beggars! Id like to stop diverting our bloody money to the Councils who really are the source of all our woes. They sit around their lovely Oak table dispensing pear and heart shaped droplets of words and bloody wisdom pretending that they know best when they can’t manage to deliver the most simple and straightforward basic public services without turning it into some excercise in gimmick’ry and blue sky thinking that reduces us all into a state of mass confusion.
    Give me a beggar and a drunk to break bread with any day of the week, thank you very much. Id sooner listen to them and their thoughts on life than read one word a Council shovels out as they grasp hold of yet another pointless issue which will generate a shed load of meetings, a library of graphs and some fat bloated suit on a salary Id strangle the wife for, who’s just had ‘begging’ added to his highly impressive portfolio of responsibility.
    And as for Charities, don’t even get me started on them. They’ve become a haven for the highly paid executives and upper management who are now deeply embedded within the organisation because some fool decided that if we want the best we’ve gotta start paying for the best. Just like the bloody Council, many of these Charities have become a teat for the fat and bloated to suck upon.
    No! There’s nothing wrong with the street beggars. They are nice people who ain’t doing us any harm at all!


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