Pauline Got Promoted! DWP Management Psychobabble Is Turning Jobcentres Into Cults

The most depressing aspect of this is not that they’re highly paid or over-promoted or happy in their jobs.

It’s that they are completely converted to ‘the cause’ and to the drivel that they put out. They’re too damned politically stupid to recognise any problem with it and oblivious to the the fact that good, honest citizens are being ground into the dirt…

the void

pauline-pensIf you want an example of the glassy-eyed idiots currently handed senior positions at the DWP then the twitter feed of the regional manager responsible for 149 Jobcentres in Central England is a good place to start.

When not attending tax payer funded leadership and emotional intelligence workshops, Sandra Lambert seems to spend most of her day tweeting ‘inspirational’ claptrap from her feed @CEDirector_WSD

The most disturbing thing is that she is not alone. This nonsense seems to extend across DWP management.

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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1 Response to Pauline Got Promoted! DWP Management Psychobabble Is Turning Jobcentres Into Cults

  1. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    It’s all so tragic. To think that these twats, these operationally dull lightweight thinking twats found a safe haven beneath the canopy of public service.
    I despise them. Truly I do. If God forbid, I was gifted the bad news, ‘well fatso, your arteries are all clogged up and you’ve a month to live before you drop down dead and fly off to meet your maker’, I’d seriously consider taking one of these blue sky thinking, gimmick laden orators of undiluted shite with me on my journey to the hereafter.
    God above! To think that ‘they’ still don’t grasp the new reality that is we see them as fools and a burden upon our way of life. Consumed by their own egos, their sense of entitlement and this strange dogma of self promotion, they continue to shovel out this undiluted bollocks that is so openly stupid and pitched at such a very low level, only a dull primate could become inspired by the Codswallop that’s served up by these idiots.
    Imagine if you can, getting washed up on some South Sea deserted island and it’s you tied, tethered and bound to this stupid woman Lambert and you know, beyond any doubt that it’s just you and her for the next five years of your miserable life. Imagine the horror of that! Years of endless bollocks relentless being pumped Into your ears as you crouch upon the sand, desperately trying to keep the fire going and cook whatever the ocean has thrown at you during its latest lament that it’s choppy and turbulent waters had’nt managed to consume this purveyor of bollocks and end the bloody misery that would ensue.
    Me? If I had a small pocket Derringer in my waistcoat pocket and the chamber contained a single bullet, Id face the setting sun, say my fond fare thee well’s to the world and I’d happily blow my brains out rather than spend one more hour listening to the endless conveyor belt of rancid drivel and tripe that Miss Lambert was capable of shovelling my way.
    Yes! Without a moments hesitation Id blow my brains out and be happy knowing that whilst the exit wound hurt more than Id have liked, at least, at the very least, I didn’t have to get into the gutter, displease my God and strangle the life out of my tormentor Miss Sandra Lambert.


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