The Tyranny of some is due to the cowardice of others.

Cruel, callous, cowardly… Liverpool City Council. Dishonest members, senior officers, tyrants and their willing servants and bystanders are named… one by one…

For Love of the Mainman......


The following people were involved in the Mainman’s in-house investigation and all stayed silent that the support worker had received no training.

Mayor Anderson

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care Deputy Mayor Roz Gladden

Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council

Director of Adult Social Care 

Commissioning Manager

3 Senior Social Workers who worked alongside the Director of Adult Social Care

4 Social Workers 

City Solicitor for Council

Council Solicitor

Chief Executive of Autism Initiatives Andy Grainger

National Director of Autism Initiatives Kate Silver

Area Manager of Autism Initiatives 

Six support worker from Autism Initiatives

Managers from Autism Initiatives


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – INFORMATION IS POWER – THE HOARDING OF KNOWLEDGE FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT IS TYRANNY……. I have now taken that power away from Liverpool Labour Council and Autism Initiatives ….. “I have access to the training…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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3 Responses to The Tyranny of some is due to the cowardice of others.

  1. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    I read this yesterday and I’ve read it today and it’s much bloody worse reading this catalogue of injustice the second bloody time round.
    I mean, how did this idea of secreting the truth take root and who planted the seed and allowed the lie to germinate. And that’s what has happened. One bloody highly paid suit came to the conclusion that it’d be good and best practice to hide the truth and the rest, the bloody underlings, all march in step and continue the falsehood that this good man was being well served by those in charge of his care.
    Bloody hell! And why is it that this good lads Mother has had to fight in this way for so long with so little help and cooperation from those who should be on their side. The barstards!
    It’s makes you sick. I bloody hate them. I do! I hate them and their bloody ‘holier than bloody thou’ attitude that’s it’s them and only them who are able and capable of delivering what’s good enough for us, what we should know and what we shouldn’t know because we can’t handle the truth and are incapable of reacting intelligently and responsibly with the full facts.
    It’s bloody arrogance! And what will happen to them? Buggar bloody all! They’ll twist and wriggle on the hook, throw a double bloody six, go sick and then, if we’re bloody lucky, they’ll get shoved toward the door with a handsome exit package and the bloody good fortune to tip up elsewhere and repeat the exact same mistakes in some other public service area never once being held to account for what happened to the Mainman and his family.


  2. Wirral In It Together says:

    Corrupted persons on the brink of exposure often do resist in such terms. It’s also wrapped up in the psychologically complex situation that causes bullies to feign ”victimhood” as a last resort when determined people come knocking on their door.


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