Protecting the System & Cover ups by Liverpool Labour Council.

Disgraceful conduct by Mayor Anderson and his collusive and abusive legal team. People NEED to know how their loved ones are placed in danger…

For Love of the Mainman......

…………Recently Mayor Anderson said on Radio Merseyside there is no Watergate in his City – there are no ‘Cover Ups’

With that in mind – we have received the files requested from Liverpool Labour Council and Autism Initiatives – it has been a long process of court orders and penal notices. Obviously Liverpool Council and Autism Initiatives thought the truth could be hidden and never come to light.

On inspection of the training records of the support worker it emerged he had received no training …. nothing…….zilch…….

Liverpool Council and Autism Initiatives knew the staff member had not been trained but tried to hide it from me to protect the system and *The Brand Anderson*

Liverpool City Council failed in their duty of care which resulted in my son being isolated from his peers – receiving serious injuries – which has caused him lasting suffering and problems.


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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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3 Responses to Protecting the System & Cover ups by Liverpool Labour Council.

  1. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    First and foremost, my best wishes and warmest regards to the ‘Mainman’, his formidable ‘Mammy’ who’s fought this battle, and their family and friends who’ve all had to endure all of ‘this’ because of corporate scheming, cunning and guile and a desire to keep secret an issue that only ever needed a little oppeness, transparency and a measure of goodness and kindness.
    Being the proud Grandfather of the most beautiful and the most fascinatingly mysterious little girl in the world, who has a profound disability that, though chromosome related, has some association with Autism, I as much as most completely understand the pain and anguish these barstards have put the Mainman and his family through.
    For the most part, all the families in this position feel exactly the same. They grasp the issue, they deal with it, they don’t bloody moan and they build their lives around what is required to love and support their kith and kin. That’s what they bloody do! They ain’t looking to be a burden. They ain’t looking to become a problem. They simply want a fair slice of understanding and a lift up whenever they need a bit of help.
    And where’s the help when these good people really needed it? Locked up in a bloody cupboard in an envelope titled, ‘DO NOT DISCLOSE TO THE FAMILY’ because some sycophantic public service bottom feeding tic decided that the corporate message was so much more important than the health and happiness of the Mainman and his family. It makes you want to hurl phlegm!
    And as for deploying someone to care for another who has an autistic disability and they’ve had no bloody training, you have to ask yourself the question, ‘who bloody sanctioned that little decision’.
    Good bloody grief! To think that the recipient of an OBE could associate himself with this sort of illicit behaviour and not be worried about the consequences of ‘not being bloody bothered to lend a helping hand’.
    He should hang his head in shame, consider his position, and then submit a letter of resignation.
    Mind, he won’t! He’ll do no such thing. They, you see, do not think as we do. They’ve no honour. No pride and the rules of normal behaviour do not apply to them. They apply to us. But not to them. It’s all very bloody straightforward isn’t it!


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      The Liverpool Mayor, who puts me in mind of a reject caricature from a Safestyle Windows front man audition…

      “Yer bah wun… Yer get wun free… ah say… Yer bah wun… Yer get wun free…”

      *Okay pal. Don’t call us. We’ll call you……*

      …was on the Radio Merseyside dinner time phone in programme yesterday. He actually went on the attack and set about criticising the Mainman’s mother and carer, presumably in full knowledge of the callousness that his organisational failures had allowed to happen.

      Stay tuned as there’ll be more to follow on this subject…


  2. Bobby Fortyseven says:

    Sadly, this is all to common nowadays within Public Service. Why I’ve no idea. It’s hard to understand how you can arrive at a point where you become intent on attacking this good lady or even shooting the messenger who’s been brave enough to blow the whistle.
    They’re all so completely disconnected with ‘us’. Easier to label Cardin vexacious and the Mainman’s Mom as a troublemaker than to visit the notion that ‘they’ have failed and they’ve done things wrong.
    This is so bloody depressing I can’t even summon up the thoughts to poke fun at them and illuminate my offering with a little humour. It’s so sad!


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