Our Children’s School has FAILED to Inform us What Type of Covid Test We May Be Volunteering Our Children For Twice a Week, on Into the Future. If They’re Still Chinese Imported Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test kits, These Contain a Proven Carcinogen Known As Ethylene Oxide

Despite an ongoing regime of TWICE A WEEK testing on into the future, and several urgent messages to our children’s school, our MP Angela Eagle, Lord Bethell, Wirral Council and the local health regulator, there has been ABSOLUTELY NO assurance given to us by any of these correspondents or contacts at the school, the UK Government, the House of Lords or the health regulator that there will be no dangerous, cumulative build-up of cancer-causing ethylene oxide inside our children’s bodily tissues or bloodstream.

These officials’ and authorities’ collective position is uncertain and they have not been able to rule out the perceived dangers.

They have quoted regulations and international standards at us, but all specific, crucial safety advice relating to Rapid Antigen Flow testing and the levels that are acceptable is nowhere to be seen here, at the dedicated link:

Link to ISO 10993-7 (download)

Email received today from the school, dated 10th September 2021 – Note the consistent failure to specify which type of kit is being referred to.

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you to all of you who consented to have your child tested on site.  Student conduct during these tests was exemplary.  Test 1 is now complete and following Test 2 we will be allocating your child a box of 7 home tests which should allow you to continue to test your child until the end of September when home testing will be reviewed.    Please remember to report your results to both the NHS via their website and to school via our google form.

As a reminder:

1.  Students should take 2 tests per week preferably on a Monday and Thursday morning prior to coming into school (or, if this proves difficult, tests can be taken the evening before school on Sunday and Wednesday evening if needed).  

2. You must report the result of each test using the NHS Test & Trace self-report website: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result.  

3. You must also tell the school the result of each test via our google form which is unique for each year group as outlined below:

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Year 11


Year 12


Year 13


Taking part in testing is voluntary and all students will be able to attend school whether they take part in testing or not.

Please also note that all households in Wirral can access twice-weekly rapid symptom-free tests. *Alongside vaccine rollout, regular testing is helping to prevent outbreaks.

Wirral In It Together comment:

*Given that currently in the UK, Israel, Malta, Gibraltar and several other countries, up to 75% of people testing positive for COVID19 have already been COVID ‘vaccinated’, this is a highly dubious statement made by the source of this email, a “Senior Deputy Head Teacher”.

Regular symptom-free testing can be accessed at one of Wirral’s four Community Testing centres:

  • Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, 7 days a week, 10.30am to 6.15pm
  • Greasby Library, 7 days a week, 10.30am to 6.15pm
  • Eastham Library, 7 days a week, 10.30am to 6.15pm
  • Former House of Fraser Building, Birkenhead, 6 days a week (closed Sunday) 9am to 4.15pm.

Residents have the choice of attending the centres to take a test with the support of the staff there, or collecting a box of kits for the household to use at home. Testing kits can also be collected from the symptoms-only testing centres in Birkenhead, Bebington, Liscard and Heswall from 2.30pm to 8pm every day.

 For those that can’t access tests through the above routes, **they can be ordered online or through 119, which will be delivered to the home address.

Wirral In It Together Comment:

**We can confirm after following the above ‘they can be ordered online’ link that the school ARE concealing from children and parents that these kits identify as the Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow test kits that have been shown to contain the proven, cancer-causing chemical agent Ethylene Oxide.

More information on all of the ways to access testing in Wirral is available at: www.wirral.gov.uk/test  or call the Coronavirus Helpline on 0151 666 5050.

Please contact Miss McArdle, our COVID Coordinator, if you have any questions or concerns about home testing via (email address redacted).

Thank you for your support,

<Message ends>

We at Wirral In It Together assert that it is both reckless and highly irresponsible of our children’s school to deliberately NOT openly specify the exact type of testing that is being promoted here, AND to pressurise parents into testing both themselves and their children when they have been advised previously by us – in great detail – of the potential dangers attached to our children repeatedly and invasively inserting Lateral Flow COVID testing swabs containing carcinogenic ethylene oxide into their mouths and nasal passages whilst at no time being aware of the levels at which it is allegedly “safe” to do so.

Previous links:

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UPDATE. Cancer-causing ethylene oxide in Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow test kits to be rolled out across England. We’ve sent a second email to our MP, Dame Angela Eagle.

Soon, the Entire English Population Will be Expected to Volunteer to Undertake COVID19 Lateral Flow Tests. There’s a Problem. The Chinese Imports Used in Schools Contain Cancer-Causing Ethylene Oxide, But NOBODY Has Been Told. Article first published on www.theduran.com on 6th April 2021

If you’re A. Not vaccinated, B. Not agreeing to lateral flow tests which contain cancer-causing ethylene oxide … expect to be discriminated against by your local council, who are now setting out their stalls in this area

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Headteacher’s response now in. A proven cancer-causing chemical agent is being used inside schoolchildren’s Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow test kits imported from China

URGENT / BREAKING: Has your child brought THIS NHS Covid19 testing kit home from school?

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