Two lateral flow tests per person, per week, on and on into the future. But will Boris Johnson mention the ethylene oxide…?

What government investigations have been undertaken to determine that there will be no dangerous, cumulative build-up of cancer-causing ethylene oxide in volunteers’ bodies / bloodstreams as time goes on?

On the evidence of the scrutiny and analysis already done – which covered efficacy, robustness, functionality, but didn’t pause to include safety, we’d say the answer is… no:

The history to this issue:

Ethylene Oxide Inside Children’s Covid19 Rapid Antigen Lateral Flow Test Kits

Cancer-causing ethylene oxide inside children’s Covid19 test kits. There’s no acknowledgement of any danger, but we’ve had a response from the school to our concerns

Cancer-causing ethylene oxide in children’s Covid19 Rapid Flow test kits. A quick response is in from Public Health England (North West)

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