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A World Where We Can Make Choices

Yes, we are born to be free, and it’s normal.

Tessa LenaSep 10

We’ve heard it. Biden pulled a petty dictator thing by threatening own citizens and asking business owners to partake in something that is ethically questionable. I hate to say it but it’s a known technique of breaking people’s pure spirits. It’s a technique of breaking spirits by making good people do things that in their hearts they’d rather not—and then, once they are sullied on the inside, drown them by the guilt.

Existentially, I wonder what the fate of the business owners will be if the product, in simple terms, ends up sharing the fate of asbestos and DDT. (And yes, luckily many people survived asbestos and DDT—which is a big compliment to nature, and I do believe that nature is on our side.) As far as the product though, the safety profile looks like meh even in the short term. I personally know people who have been injured—and I find no joy in that fact. I would much rather live in a happy world where this problem does not exist. But anecdotally, I know more people currently suffering from the effects of this product than suffering from the disease it was supposed to protect them from. As a matter of hearsay, I hear the same from doctors. Eventually, with boosters and all, the damage will be hard to conceal. Will anyone be liable since the manufacturers aren’t? I won’t be one bit surprised if the state ends up betraying the compliant business owners of today and throwing them under the bus. That’s what betrayers do. And if 2020 and on is any indication, our dear leaders are making things up as they go—and they go like a bulldozer.

In the world of my peasant logic, I find it interesting that the focus is steadily on product intake as opposed to on being immune. It’s fascinating that natural immunity is being aggressively shoved under the rug (a conversation for another time but for real). It’s even more interesting because just ten days ago, the CDC updated the definition of “v-e” to no longer require that the product produces immunity. Something’s up with that! I hope that the liars will miscalculate something and fall on their faces.

In the meanwhile, here’s something for our souls. Next time when they tell you that the “bodily freedom” people look like alt-right beasts, please believe your eyes.

Thank you, Kevin Nathaniel and Sanga of the Valley! May our souls be respected!

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