5G: Vermonters, Keep An Eye On Your Utility Poles! (TELECOM JUGGERNAUT) — Vermont Independent

People living in the United Kingdom are thus far largely unaffected by the roll out of non-independently tested 5G. But it’s been gathering pace during the lockdowns. While we were confined to our bubbles and prevented from protesting, UK telecoms companies gained “protected status” for their workers during the COVID-19 lockdowns and have been installing hundreds of 20-metre 5G masts across the length and breadth of the country. Watch this video for much more information https://wirralinittogether.blog/2020/07/05/uk-councils-have-no-duty-to-provide-street-lighting-can-they-have-a-duty-to-provide-5g-on-lampposts/


Vermont Folk Troth


Publisher’s Note: Thanks to Jenny Miller of Indybay in San Francisco for this “deep dive” into the public health and environmental concerns emerging around the world[…]

Telecommunications companies are planning to blanket towns throughout the U.S. with huge numbers of close-proximity “small” cell towers, in order to implement 5G, which stands for 5th generation wireless. Many people assume that 5G stands for 5Ghz, the number they see on their internet connection. This 5G is something entirely different, and will have almost unimaginably devastating impacts on our health and environment.

If the 5G (5th generation wireless) rollout has started in your community, you may already be aware of some of the downsides, since you will have started noticing large, ugly, radiation-emitting structures appearing on utility poles throughout residential and commercial areas, maybe even outside your house.

The frequencies of the new 5G antennas will be much, much stronger than the…

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