Who needs the UK Government to put the nation’s collective health at risk when the billionaire-owned rags are making a fine job of it? Also, “the longer you linger”

Q. Why are reported COVID cases going through the roof when ve’ve all been follovink orderz and wearing masks in shops since July and on public transport since even earlier?

The two possible answers that occur to us are firstly that masks are ineffective against viruses – and there are legions of quality, peer-reviewed evidence to suggest that this is the case.

And secondly that the RT-PCR alleged “gold standard” test for isolation / identification of the virus is nothing of the sort. Moreover, its inventor Mr Kary Mullis – although now no longer around, is on the record stating it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick or the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you. Some claim he said it shouldn’t be used to isolate viruses. The billionaires’ alleged “Fact checking” organisations disagree of course.

The reported figures for COVID deaths this time around are also failing to keep track with the rocketing number of cases. A number of explanations are possible such as we’ve made advances in treatment, it is circulating within a younger demographic and there was much more disease in the country in April than we were aware of at the time.

However, despite the fact that the UK government was busy killing huge numbers of elderly people by transferring them en masse from NHS beds into care and nursing homes, in our opinion the discrepancy is far too great for these often unevidenced notions to go anywhere near explaining it.

The truth will out eventually, but currently the big, controlling money that owns and monitors your silence if you happen to be employed in the pharmaceutical industry (and many others) has a vested interest in ensuring that the WHO’s biggest single funder Bill Gates gets his $20 billion payday when the world’s population have been invasively inoculated, compulsorily or not.

p.s. On that final i rag headline bullet point…

…we were clapping like crazy every Thursday evening in our millions for the NHS. Why hasn’t this rousing support made itself felt and shortened the waiting lists?

We’re going to be cynical here (passively, because it’s educational). Could it be anything to do with the ten years’ ideological savaging and farming out of essential healthcare services to private interests that DO give a fuck if you drop down dead because they want you desperately ill and buying their products and services?

In fact, the longer you linger and suffer on your deathbed, all the better for them.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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