Twitter. We were very happy to de-platform ourselves from it yesterday

The New York Post is a 219-year-old newspaper.

Whereas Twitter’s co-founding upstarts emerged gurgling from the Silicon Valley womb in March 2006, 14 years ago. Now, in only their 2nd year of conducting themselves like wet behind the ears teenagers, they’ve become intellectually shrunken and are driven by a deeply political agenda – one they cannot handle. The business ain’t maturing as it should, far from it, the advertising sales model is highly corrosive and destructive of the little guy, and it is likely to be self-imploding very soon, as lumbering monopolies do.

This outcome is what will ensue naturally – as night follows day – given their unrelenting, deeply reactionary, spoilt, childish behaviour.

A few years ago Twitter was up and coming, but no great shakes and a relative also ran, but a far, far better platform than the one it’s become.

Now, as a mighty colossus, it’s overgrown, lumbering, punch drunk and rapidly losing touch with its users, its investors, its advertisers. The monopoly power they wield is being abused with sickening regularity in the form of shadow bans, deplatforming and politically-motivated interventions, frequently and repeatedly, day in, day out.

We know now that absolutely anybody – big or small – can become a target of its ideological wrath.

We were banned for life last year, losing 7,000+ followers. Despite its deeply flawed leadership and the concealed, unbroadcast policies that guide it, it still had its uses, so we returned with another account, @Wirral_Innit.

But over time, this became subject to intense shadow banning to the extent that yesterday morning, when we made an instant response to UK Prime Minister @borisjohnson with what we regarded as a quality observation, an hour later our activity stats reported just 20 hits, no likes and no retweets!

“Who said there was no choice? It’s a black and white one? Which colour lab rat do you wanna be?”

So this time we became reactive and took it upon ourselves to dump Dorsey, and for good measure we de-activated our Facebook account and dumped Zuckerboy also…!

Twitter, yesterday…

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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  1. con says:

    I’m dying with curiosity of what your comment was.


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