A reminder of the Jack Nicklaus golf course, a failed Trojan Horse used by Wirral Labour Council – to despoil the countryside with luxury units

The power and punch of celebrity.

“Sheesh, guys! It says Jack Nicklaus on it. It must be good n’ wholesome!”

The plans set out above are from three years ago today.

Hard right Labour Wirral councillors, with spinning pound signs in their eyes, almost pulled this off.

Well done to the local people who put their foot down and sent them packing.

No. We’re not Tories. A Tory council probably woulda tried this and succeeded.

We despise greed and dishonesty far, far more than we abhor Red or Blue rosettery.

If you don’t… go and take a looooong look in the nearest mirror.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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1 Response to A reminder of the Jack Nicklaus golf course, a failed Trojan Horse used by Wirral Labour Council – to despoil the countryside with luxury units

  1. Bobby47 says:

    And not forgetting their other unmitigated disasters that resulted in huge financial losses to the people of the Wirral.
    There was the jolly jaunt to the Orient that trumpetted the era of unique opportunity to amass great wealth from trade deals, the creation of a thousand jobs and open the door to things that were beyond the imagination of any optimistic, the glass is half full, bloody stupid poor sod who’s brain was addled and out of its mind tripping on hallucinations brought on by the consumption of handfuls of psilocybin mushrooms.
    As I remember, just like their venture into Reno Nevada where they believed that Birkenhead could become the Golden Nugget Gambling Casino of the North West, all they ever really achieved was flogging a box of thirty Tea Towels lovingly created by Wirral Housewives Ltd and an album of photographs joyfully recording God Knows How Many delegates the Council dispatched to fly across The Pond and have the time of their lives at the public expense.
    Bloody Councils! They’re all the same. Instead of cutting the grass, cleaning the bloody streets, emptying the bins,watering our hanging bloody baskets and filling in potholes you could secrete a dead cat in, they do what they do best. Fucking things up!
    To be kind and fair to Wirral Borough Council, they’re hardly alone in wasting money, dreaming up mindless gimmicks of blue sky thinking and fucking it all up. Not so long back, only weeks before the bloody Ukraine Civil War, my bloody elected lot of incompetent bungling public service idiots cleared off toward an eastern border bloody area that was sure to piss the Russians off and negotiated the unique opportunity to build a factory on the soil of Blighty and build a huge bomb. Needless to say, once the hostilities kicked off the thousand promised jobs that would have been created building this dreadful bomb never materialised.
    As for the Nicholson Golf Course, the thousand jobs and the millions of pounds that it would generate for the people of the Wirral who paid for the flights, the overnight stays, the Consultancy fees and God Knows what else, given that no fucker can now go out to get some bloody excercise because of a bloody virus that nobody really understands, it’s probably a blessing in disguise that this particular idea went belly bloody up!


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