Can someone in the know please contact us and let us know how the “Lateral Flow Test” for Covid19 isolates a live virus?

The lateral flow test appears to be a new, quicker method of testing for the SARS2 coronavirus, one which doesn’t require the intervention of a lab, has a rapid turnaround time for results and is not prohibitively expensive.

It is currently being trialled in a City of Liverpool voluntary pilot scheme, one which is likely to be rolled out to 60+ additional locations.

We’re told in the future it has the potential to remove the air travel industry log-jam by quickly confirming staff and would-be passengers as Covid19-free.

According to the link below, the lateral flow test detects antibodies. It doesn’t specifically state here that it detects and identifies the virus itself.

After reading this we’re still wondering how the lateral flow test method determines that the virus is active now and that the antibodies it finds are not residual left overs from an old infection.

The answer may be staring out at us but we don’t have the scientific / medical know-how or expertise to cut through the vernacular and see it.

The article also describes the RT-PCR test as the “gold standard”, whereas the Nobel Prize winning inventor – Kary Mullis – although now no longer around, is on the record stating it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick or the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you. Some claim he said it shouldn’t be used to isolate viruses. Fact checking organisations disagree.,-rapid,-easy-to-use-and-point-of-care/?artID=52363

Can anyone out there shine any more light?

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3 Responses to Can someone in the know please contact us and let us know how the “Lateral Flow Test” for Covid19 isolates a live virus?

  1. So if it detects antibodies, what if you’ve never had covid. What happens then


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