Big Win Out of the Supreme Court- Jordan Sekulow on Newsmax

We are socialists who believe in fairness. If you’re coming here, hating red or blue more than you hate dishonesty, then take a long look in the mirror before scanning down to read / watch what follows. Thanks for your understanding!

Who remembers November 2000, when Dubya stole all the power from the American people, who’d had nothing synonymous to ‘political representation’ for exactly 37 years, since JFK fell down dead?

Every shitshow vanquisher steals that power every four years, irrespective of the hue of their rosette.

We always give the following world-weary caveat on this gawdforsaken subject. We have no skin in the game. Not one single dermis cell.

We despise Trump. We despise Biden* equally. It can never be a case of opting for the least worst. Not in this hideous, unspeakable, depth plumbing nation.

But can Biden successfully pull off the heist this time around? In 2000, the Supreme Court took 37 days to pass judgment.

Going by the shitstorm that’s gathering right now, let’s at least double that.

*in the event you’re all confused by the headlines, due process must be allowed to proceed. Biden is not, repeat not the President-Elect. Despite the garbage banner headlines everywhere, the Electoral College is required to convene and rubber stamp it. That has not yet happened.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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