Is the premature congratulation of Joe Biden backfiring?

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“Seriously folks, it’s this big….”


US Attorney General William Barr yesterday gave the go-ahead for federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities during last week’s presidential election.

Obviously, Barr’s is a political appointment, but Unrejected President Donald Trump is now forcing the US State’s legal infrastructure to move beyond frivolous dismissal, and start investigating….even if the MSM is still a tad behind the music:

I may vomit.

All claims will remain either ‘totally without foundation’ or ‘absolutely true’ until an objective arm of law enforcement moves in to take a closer look. The history of our century thus far is that swamps don’t drain themselves…and myths become facts thanks to the somewhat limp rule of law and the flaccid members of the Fourth Estate.

Throughout his first term as President, Donald Trump was permanently hogtied by the appointees who shadowed him…

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3 Responses to Is the premature congratulation of Joe Biden backfiring?

  1. Bobby47 says:

    The Establishment, the political elite and the mainstream media think we are all stupid. I personally think they’re right. We are stupid.
    Cast your minds back, if you’ve still got the ability to think for yourself, and remember what Hillary, the Democrats and the media did for the entire tenure of the Trump Presidency, peddling out over and over again the mantra that Trump stole the Presidency after colluding with the Russians who then went on to rig the election to favour Trump and deny America of a fair and true electoral outcome.
    Thereafter, with the help of the mainstream media, countless television hours and reams of newspaper prints they were slavishly devoted to the cause of undermining the result that got Trump into the White House. They didn’t want or like the outcome of the election and for the best part of four years they made sure that we knew it. Just like Brexit. There’s no real difference. We voted the wrong way and for three years ‘they’ made sure that we were told that we were wrong.
    Strange to think that back then nobody objected to the witch hunt that followed Trump and nobody ever once said anything to halt the Democratic pursuit of Trump or even hint that they were refusing to accept the defeat.
    Odd now, that Trump, who I’ve no doubt is as mad as the ships cat is being accused of not accepting the electoral outcome and has no evidence to support his claim that Biden won because of rigged votes.
    So strong is the media death grip on the people, corruption claims against Biden and his family are never questioned or even investigated and worse, now, when Trump speaks, the media simply cut him off as being irrelevant.
    Truth is, if they can silence Trump, and they have, they can quite easily do it to us. As to his allegations that the postal voting was rigged, there is far more evidence to support his claim of wrongdoing than there ever was to show that the Russians interfered in the Trump/Clinton election.
    Sadly, because people don’t matter and they no longer seem to be bothered that they don’t matter, the media, the establishment and our celebrity culture will from hereon decide amongst themselves who they want to win an election and from hereon there is nothing we can do to stop them.


  2. Lupulco says:

    Joe Biden is permanently disqualified from holding any public office in the U.S. Federal Government
    Then again people who make the laws only expect the little people to observe them,


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