The Art of Doublespeak: Bellingcat and Mind Control

PR or Public Relations is a euphemism for “propaganda”.
The US Hollywood blockbuster movie is the world’s most successful propaganda vehicle and has been for a century. Public Relations is big money and surreptitious mind control. It never went out of fashion, has transferred to the internet and is as successful today as it always has been. But with failed false flags, a rising tide of good-faith, independent media and the exposure of bad-faith actors such as The Atlantic Council, BellingCat, Integrity Initiative and George Monbiot of DoubleDown News, are the first cracks beginning to appear…?

Global Research, December 12, 2019

In the 1920s, the influential American intellectual Walter Lippman argued that the average person was incapable of seeing or understanding the world clearly and needed to be guided by experts behind the social curtain.  In a number of books he laid out the theoretical foundations for the practical work of Edward Bernays, who developed “public relations” (aka propaganda) to carry out this task for the ruling elites.  Bernays had honed his skills while working as a propagandist for the United States during World War I, and after the war he set himself up as a public relations counselor in New York City. 

There is a fascinating exchange at the beginning of Adam Curtis’s documentary, The Century of Self, where Bernays, then nearly 100 years old but still very sharp, reveals his manipulative mindset and that of so many of those…

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