We are the people

As it feels like we’re sinking into a swamp, what a heartwarming, uplifting post this is. This could be a way forward for determined groups of people to protect their children’s futures, ask some serious questions, use power to a good, positive end and get some control back.

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain

In a nearby town to me there is a revolution going on. The town is Frome and the revolution has people weeping with relief, joy, amazement and love.

How do I know? My seriously ill niece moved there. She is unemployable in any conventional sense. Between bouts of relentless illness and innumerable hospital visits, a regular job is out of the question and living in Tory Britain with our broken and punitive Tory benefits system she needed an alternative lifestyle, one in which she made the decisions and had control, as best she can, over her own destiny.

She didn’t know it when she moved there, but it’s happening in Frome and people are coming from all over the country and the world to see it and learn from it.

This from a Guardian article written by John Harris [1] – “Many of the people inspired by this growing…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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