Wirral In It Together have been BLOCKED on Twitter by Wirral Council and their partners The Wirral Globe

25 11 17 wirral council block us on twitter

We uncovered this item today, and it must have happened very recently !

It’ll be connected to the ugly, alleged #Racism of a Wirral Councillor’s wife in Sorrento that turned up exclusively here on Wirral Leaks last month, and also to the hushing up of a very senior councillor’s appearance on a covertly recorded piece of digital audio known as #Wirralgate.

Despite the Sorrento incident allegedly occurring around seven whole weeks ago, our local newspapers, the Wirral Globe and the Liverpool Echo, along with all local TV and Radio news channels and the council itself, have come together as one, to not report on a story of significant public interest, for reasons known only to themselves.

So if you stop anybody in any Wirral street and ask them about it, their silence will tell you the job’s been boxed off……….. and it’s like it never happened.

Our 66 Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and Green councillors have adopted a similar position of ignorance.  There have been plenty of council meetings in the last 7 weeks, but not once has a single man Jack of them had the wherewithal to stand up in the chamber and use their positions to notify, challenge or even ask about the story that appeared in Private Eye.

Yes, it’s been out there in the mainstream public domain since 1st November!  So why not?  What’s been keeping them?  Why have they all been struck dumb?  Why have they all been lying prostrate?

We’re pretty confident this new Twitter block on us relates to #Racism because The Wirral Globe censored us, blocked us, and banned us in early November when we reported it to Peter Grant’s hopelessly inept and stupidly named “Inferno” column.

What a strange and counter-intuitive reaction to the reporting of an alleged crime.

Normally, when handed the opportunity to cover a crime story, the Echo and Globe tend to sprout raging hard ons, then rush about, salivating and knocking each other out of the way to get their sweaty mitts on it.  And the dirtier the tone of it, the more shocking, the more horrific, the better.

Why is this?  Because as journalists, they love to sensationalise, and there’d be plenty of bang for their buck trotting out high impact, salacious, in yer face headline words like “#Racism” or “Councillor” or “Steve Foulkes” or “Fuck off….. ISIS” and it briefly boosts the popularity of their dreary, unimaginative, tedious, run-of-the-mill carte du jour.

Maybe the editor of the Wirral Globe, Leigh Marles couldn’t help but identify the messenger on this occasion, i.e. Wirral In It Together …….as the problem?

So in this strange, inverted world that they occupy, the person reporting the alleged #Racism – who is doing their public duty in good faith – becomes the one who needs targeting, censoring, deleting, banning, and silencing…

…. and certainly not the alleged #Racists themselves.

All because the hidden links to a basket case council with alleged #Racist members have made the newspaper feel exposed, uncomfortable and threatened.

The rot runs deep. Who remembers criminal ex-Councillor Jim Crabtree?  He made a death threat to a serving female councillor and received a 12-week suspended prison sentence.  He wasn’t just entrusted with the role of Chair of the Audit & Risk Management committee during a highly-controversial time at Wirral Council.  He was also a fan of an organisation called “Britain First” – slogan… “Taking Our Country Back”.

So which A-hole did the vetting for this?  Or was he / she a #Racist also?

The Wirral Globe, Echo and others are now being promoted and openly linked to online, inside Wirral Council documents (scroll down and click on the councillor names…) (yes, it’s true…WTF?)

2 councillor names with linked items in the globe echo and local papers

And here’s an alleged #Racist, George Davies, Deputy Leader of Wirral Council, pouring forth on how he believes Wirral’s communities will be ‘made safer’ (in the teeth of [Tory] government cuts) and how we can read all about it in the Wirral Globe…

…which appears to have taken on the role of political mouthpiece for its new master.

So much for self-awareness, political independence, impartiality, separation of the press, and balanced reporting, eh, readers?

26 11 17 - george davies advertises the wirral globe inside a council document

…furthermore, the Globe’s own reporting of council scandal appears to have lost altitude, lurched into a tailspin, and finally ‘disappeared from the radar’……………….à la The Wirral News (now crashed with no survivors and no longer with us).


If they’re targeting citizens, you have to wonder whether the Wirral Globe / Wirral Council have been consistent right across social media, and have censored, blocked, banned and silenced Elaine Foulkes and censored, blocked, banned and silenced the member for Claughton, Councillor George Davies, these being the two Wirral Labour Party members involved in two separate incidents of alleged #Racism and who may well merit urgent enquiries and some corrective action?

Or are they being waved through, not investigated, and treated as (ab)normal, as though nothing’s happened?

Judging by the above, we think we already know the answer to that one.


Here’s a few more deeply sensitive Wirral officials who “don’t like it up ’em”, starting with the Council’s Chief Executive…wirral ceo eric robinson block on twitter


councillor stuart whittingham block on twitter

blocked by councillor janette williamson on twitter

blocked by councillor christine spriggs on twitter

blocked by councillor warren ward on twitter

blocked by councillor louise reecejones on twitter

blocked by martin liptrot on twitter

blocked by wirral labour news


That’s it for now, but we’ll let you know if Wirral Council are really fed up with us and refuse to accept this month’s Wirral In It Together council tax payment.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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