Despite 25 years of pain and injustice, which Merseyside MP is backing The S*n?

||STOP PRESS||21st May 2014 – Field has now made what he regards as an apology for his close involvement with Murdoch…

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Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead is the answer.

As the May local elections approach, Mr Field recently returned to posting again on his Twitter account.

There have been suspicions in the past that Frank can be “quite proactive” when it comes to advancing the fortunes of local Labour councillors.   They very much need a leg up around here, and there’s no time like the present.

People will never forget that despite repeated attempts to cover it all up, Wirral Council is a self-declared abusive council (£736,756.97 unlawfully taken from the bank accounts of learning disabled Supported Living Tenants over an 8 year period – and whistlebower Martin Morton disposed of).

So would Frank be returning despite “Purdah”, the imposed period of ‘radio silence’ prior to elections, which is supposed to protect democracy (for what it’s worth) and establish a level playing field?  And would Frank’s new PR drive be popular, ethical and dignified?

Let’s find out…

Here’s what he came straight back with, after a self-imposed break of 10 long months ~ a volley of 6 consecutive Retweets, relayed from the Wapping nerve centre, home of The S*n newspaper, via the Twitter account @frankfieldteam:

calibre of frank fields RTs

Note the date of the first Tweet.  Done to coincide with the start of the Hillsborough Inquest in Warrington.  WHAT IS MURDOCH UP TO HERE?

Is this yet more distraction and attempted division?

Not content with that, Frank Field then topped it off with a couple of  tweets containing direct links to the rag:

28 04 14 - Frank Field links to the rag

Without shame, and despite the despicable behaviour of The S*n editors /owner at the time (and pretty much ever since), Frank Field appears to be putting any principles he may have to one side and clambering onto a useful bandwagon.

That seasoned and valiant protector of the poor down through the decades, billionaire Rupert “Stop the Greedy Fleecing the Needy” Murdoch, has mounted something called a #RipoffBritain campaign, for his own dubious and unstated reasons.

It could be a precursor to Murdoch declaring The S*n’s backing for the Torylite Labour party.  Maybe he’s angry with Cameron for agreeing to Leveson.  Maybe the rag has declared its allegiance to Miliband already.  Maybe he simply wants to draw working class people’s attention AWAY from the Warrington inquest.

I’m not sure because I’m not a reader, in fact there’d be more chance of me falling for pretend ”scouser” Esther McVey than putting money directly into Rupert Murdoch’s pocket.

I do own up to touching the thing when I’m in the newsagents, as I busily conceal the rancid stack of rags beneath copies of The Times (which nobody buys around here anyway).

  • 7 of the 96 Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough lived in Birkenhead
  • A genuine inquest (but did we ever get it?) was fought for long and hard, in the teeth of disgusting establishment power abuse
  • That inquest is currently underway
  • For noble and well-established reasons, this newspaper is boycotted by many people living on Merseyside, including Birkenhead

Here’s a reminder of something Mr Field said in October 2012…

“I hope that one of the messages will be a clear one to News International [which owns The Sun newspaper] that it too has a part to play.”

What the hell is Frank Field MP up to?  

29th April 2014

Merseyside MP hooks up with The S*n

Merseyside MP hooks up with The S*n


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11 Responses to Despite 25 years of pain and injustice, which Merseyside MP is backing The S*n?

  1. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it our local formally respected MP would have had anything to do with this scumbag newspaper after all they said about about the 96 tragic victims has this man no shame. If local people see these tweets then nobody in their right mind should vote for him.


  2. Wirral In It Together says:

    The Frank Field candidacy for Birkenhead was dodgy right from the start, back in 1979, but that’s a whole other story. It’s safe to say if the correct, legitimate candidate had been nominated according to the rules at the time, the people of Birkenhead would never have had this person inflicted on them, and history would be quite different.


  3. mediapenguin says:

    Reblogged this on mediapenguin and commented:
    It’s time these ‘job for life’ Labour/Tories were given the bullet.


  4. Ken Livingstone use to write a column in the sun

    Retweets aren’t endorsements


    • Ken Livingstone:

      ◾Was not an MP
      ◾Was not a Merseyside-based public figure
      ◾Did not lose seven constituents at Hillsborough
      ◾Did not time an article for the opening of the Warrington Hillsborough inquest
      ◾Did not hook up with Rupert Murdoch in a short-lived bogus campaign to “address poverty” whilst boosting sales of The S*n.


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  8. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:

    Lord Frank Field lost 7 constituents at Hillsborough. He then doubled down on his mendacity when he began writing for the S*n shit rag of a newspaper starting on the same day the second Hillsborough Inquest began in Warrington.


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