Wirral Globe local crime incident re: Martin Liptrot – published then hurriedly removed. What’s going on?

This transcript of a phone conversation reveals a lot more… 

is this martin liptrot

21st August 2018

We first saw news of this incident around mid-afternoon yesterday on the Wirral Leaks blog – Train Rage

The post had been up a few hours and presumably with the enclosed link to the Wirral Globe article working.  Here is that link:


As you can see, the link is no longer working.  Because all evidence of any crime incident was removed some time yesterday afternoon, presumably by the Globe’s Web Editor in Warrington.  But under who’s orders at The Globe?  And under pressure by whom on the outside?

And this is just the latest in a long line of dodgy incidents, what with the Wirral Globe allowing its stories to be electronically linked to inside online council documents, its failure to report on alleged racist crimes by a councillor and another councillor’s wife, then the frantic removal of good faith public posts about the alleged racism thereby hindering any potential police investigations.

And now this, the hasty removal of a post linking an alleged, violent criminal incident to a person resembling Martin Liptrot, “respected leader with deep global experience”* – who has also suddenly removed his expansive LinkedIn profile without providing any explanation.

*Not our words, but Martin Liptrot’s.

It appears to us that these failed journalists could be allegedly coming under unseen pressure and finding themselves mixed up with powerful criminals doing their best to protect theirs and their organisations’ reputations.

Now, where is this unusual ‘journey of collaboration’ featured in the UK journalistic code of ethics?  And as they travel onwards what sordid, unprincipled hell-hole will be their final destination?

Yes, it all appears to be getting out of hand.  Okay, granted, the Wirral Insular Peninsula is up shit creek without a paddle, has been for decades and will remain so.  We all know that, but without any separation between local press and local government (yep, the Liverpool Echo are compromised also) where the hell are we gonna wash up next?

Or could there be a very simple explanation for this?  Who knows, maybe Liptrot recognised his face in the council partner paper, did not want to see himself being associated with alleged violent conduct, rang the British Transport Police and asked them to have it removed on personal data or privacy grounds while he seeks legal advice?

Perhaps he said, okay, that’s me and I agree to be interviewed at a mutually agreed time and place? 

So the manhunt was called off.

If this is the case, why on earth didn’t the Globe editor and his friends at the council help out readers and council tax payers by doing their jobs, notifying us and telling us WTF is going on with our senior public servants? And if so, why the perceived clemency and the obscuring of important facts? Is this leniency dished out because he’s more important than you or me? 

And if this is the current state of play, maybe there is much, much more to follow?

Whatever, we can almost hear the wheels of abnormality grinding away at Brighton Street Town Hall on this lovely, sunlit morning, which happens to be our birthday #59.

Wirral Globe Website

Frank Field’s Website

He’s tucked up in bed with not just The S*n, but the Wirral Globe, Wirral Council and one wonders how closely these four might be colluding together as they hypocritically bear false witness to the aftermath of Hillsborough and the UK State-driven injustice and suffering meted out to their local voters and readership?


It’s everywhere! Despite 1,480 retweets, the censor’s itchy finger pressed <del>, did its silencing work, then moved on, lol.

Link to the original article


If you think you recognise the above person, despite the Wirral Globe apparently bowing to unseen pressure, apparently jumping in, apparently removing the story and apparently furthering the interests of the alleged criminally violent party, there is a phone number you can ring for the British Transport Police in the above article.

Anybody who thinks they recognise this individual can call them on 0800-40-50-40. They can also text on 61016 quoting reference number 337-16.08.18.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555-111.

If you’re worried about being identified, your number will be electronically scrambled when calling Crimestoppers and calls will not be recorded.  Nobody has ever been identified as a caller to Crimestoppers since its inception in January 1988.

You know what to do…

Wirral Globe’s most popular stories today

Lippers was No #2 in yesterdays’ charts, but soon fell out of favour. So it was just a brief, one-hit blunder…

liptrot story gone

Toodle pip !

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3 Responses to Wirral Globe local crime incident re: Martin Liptrot – published then hurriedly removed. What’s going on?

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  2. Bobby47 says:

    Yep! T’is the way of things nowadays. Take some young adult,,,say a young woman who’s bereft of hope, fiscally knackered, hasn’t a chance in hell of ever climbing off rock bottom, the tragic wench, who’s only ambition is to end up in the holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle Show suddenly and inevitabley meets her demise by stupidly purloining something to stave off star- bloody- vation. She gets nicked, pleads guilty, gets punished and all hell breaks lose to bring about the destruction of one poor unfortunate working class girl who long gave up dreaming about wealth, fame or any measureable achievements from her tragic unfulfilled life.
    Within a blink of an eye and a fifteen minute hearing at the Magistrates Court, the Wirral Globe reporter rushes back to their work station, knocks out a piece describing the evil this young woman has brought to society and it’s in the paper, on line and in the comments section, thirty people who’ve never walked in her shoes start howling, ‘birch the bitch’ clicking away and generating more revenue from advertising for the Globe who just happen to have become Partners with the Council because yonks ago people in authority lost sight of truth, decency and human kindness and they all became bestest Saturday night buddies through LinkedIn and Common Purpose.
    But,,,,,it doesn’t always work this way. Not nowadays. Nowadays, it’s who you know, if you know the right people and your in the right job to affect any consequences for past bad behaviour.If you are one of the lucky ones, you can subject someone to foul racist abuse and nothing will ever happen to you. The local newspaper will leave you alone because, despite an obvious prima facia case of Aggravated Racial Harrassment you are nice. You are a good person and nothing like the poor woman who many believe deserves a public thrashing. Same on this train. No need to subject you to anything upsetting because you are good, kind and decent because your LinkedIn entry says so. For you, the one who’s in the right job, with the right connections and a LinedIn entry saying how bloody nice you are, nobody gets to read about your bad behaviour and better still, nobody can author a piece in the Comments section suggesting that ‘you get a thrashing outside Wallasey Town Hall.
    T’is the way of things nowadays!


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