France: a choice made clear – Raw Nationalism v Naked Dystopia

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Is this the best that democracy can offer now?

I rather suspect that the Round 1 result in the Presidentielle was a classic case of self-denying prophecy: the polls showed Le Pen the “hard Right racist ultra-Nationalist rabble-rouser” to be running neck and neck with that nice Europhile Centrist diplomat and friend of the Citadan bourgeoisie Macron, and this steeled them unto their task of showing there is no place in la Belle France for crude ethnic prejudice. Nope, subtle hate for those who must be emmerded on account of their disgracefully anti-social and unpatriotic refusal to be invaded by toxic bioweapons is the only form of discrimination allowed in what’s left of the Vth Republic.

I use the words ‘what’s left of’ there advisedly, because the triumph of monied support for madness over traditional French socio-political freedom of thought is now horrifically apparent.

The Centre Right and Democratic Left…

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