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Friday, October 1st, 2021
YouTube Suddenly Deletes, Then Restores Ron Paul Institute’s Channel After Backlash
Tyler Durden

There Are Positive Developments on the Ground in Syria, But for America’s Victims, It’s Sanctions and Suffering as Usual
Eva Bartlett

Antibodies in Fully Vaxxed With Pfizer, AstraZeneca Decline Steeply After Several Months
Igor Kuznetsov

Brush Up on Your Voodoo!
Ann Coulter

The Coordinated Attack on Ivermectin Is a Crime Against Humanity
Louie Gohmert

We Are Being Lied to Our Deaths
Paul Craig Roberts

At Last, An Official Body That Recognizes Letting Trans Athletes Compete Against Women Is Unfair, Unsafe, and Unethical
Joanna Williams

Defaulting on the Debt Is the Moral Thing To Do
Ryan McMaken

Credit Cards With Carbon Limits and Universal Obedience
Jon Rappoport

Covid-19 Detention Camps: Are Government Round-Ups of Resistors in Our Future?
John & Nisha Whitehead

Who Is Killing 10,000 Black Americans Every Year?
Patrick J. Buchanan

The Great Reset Is Accelerating Into Global Tyranny
Dr. Joseph Mercola

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