Fiest Tier Tribunal Witness Orders ref EA/2019/0227 Kirkham & Dransfield v ICO

From: alan dransfield <alanmdransfield>
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2021, 07:53
Subject: FTT Witness Orders ref EA/2019/0227 Kirkham & Dransfield v ICO
To: elizabeth.denham <>
Cc: <>, GRC <>

Information Commissioner Ms Elizabeth Denham

Dear Madam,

This topic was discussed at a recent FTT hearing which your Mr Bailey attended last Wed 14th July. I put you on notice with this list of ICO Managers that I require to attend the Preliminary hearing on Oct 18th 2021 and possible Full Hearing in the Spring. I was instructed by  the FTT Judge Routnal to write to the individuals, whom, I required to be in attendance. Please find the following list of ICO staff whom I wish to question at future FTT Hearing. I put you on notice and invite the following ICO to give witness under oath ref the subject title. In the event the affore named ICO staff refuse to give evidence, I shall seek a COURT ORDER. In my view these ICO staff need to demonstrate they have acted within the law at all times when dealing with my FOIA Requests. As you are aware the Casework Dept and Richard Bailey have imposed an email ban against me which does not allow me due process in Law and  reflects badly on the ICO whom purport to protect Information and Data rights forJoe Public. Nearer the date, I will give a full list of questions for each individual ICO Officer. Here is the following list of witness attendees I require:

  1. Elizabeth Denham

2. Richard Bailey

3. Christopher Graham (Retired)

4. Graham Frank Smith (Retired)

5. Adam Sowerbutt (Resigned)

6. James Dipple Johnson, Deputy IC

7. Gerrard Tracy

8. Andrew White

I appreciate your Tenure of Office ends at the end of Oct hence you will not be able to attend the New Year Oral Hearing other than Video Link. I urge you to ensure the named officials attend the planned hearing because the honesty, integrity and the future of the ICO depend upon this court case.

Suggestion and recommendation. Please instruct Richard Bailey to remove his email ban against me, which will allow me due process in law to communicate with the Respondent.



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