“Fauci says U.K. “rushed” approval of coronavirus vaccine”. Here are 10 serious concerns that the United Kingdom government ignored in the rush to issue an experimental mRNA vaccine, one that’s not been correctly tested on humans

This is true.

Look at the long list of regulator concerns. MHRA (Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority). This is what the UK Government and the captured GovStream media are NOT telling us…

1. Not approved for under 16s

2. Not tested for interaction or contraindications with other medicines

3. Uncertain if it adversely impacts fertility

4. It doesn’t have marketing authorisation

5. Vaccine should be postponed for those suffering febrile illness

6. Not recommended during pregnancy

7. Unknown if vaccine is excreted in human milk and passed on to infants

8. In the rush to get the manufacturer’s income streams moving, the MHRA was given only 5 days to study and scrutinise the vaccine

9. No testing to determine if it prevented infection or transmission

10. No testing on people with pre-existing conditions

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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