Are you being bullied and gaslit at work? Here’s some detailed advice that worked for me and helped me to retire, aged 50, in 2009

the pen is mightier than the sword

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The following passages may be useful for people in serious trouble in the workplace.  You may have been getting bullied for no reason. Or you may have blown the whistle on a crime, malpractice, abuse, lodged a grievance, a complaint, and been going through internal processes, hoping that the next particular meeting will be the one that resolves it all.

But why are they dragging their feet? Why is there no progress?  It’s about goodwill on both sides after all. But very often, you can end up being treated as a ‘troublemaker’ and have suddenly become ‘the problem’ and therefore, in the twisted logic of those power abusers above you, you’re the one that’s carefully being lined up to be eliminated.

There will be no smoking gun to prove this is the case. But I’ve been there. It lasted a year the first time, two and a half years the second time, and on both occasions I detected senior management’s masked reluctance, gradually morphing into open hatred!

These passages consist of 30 carefully written phrases which you can lift and use immediately, or maybe adapt, chop and change for your own purposes.  They were penned in the heat of the moment. Anger and frustration were my dominant emotions at the time, but I’ve channeled and condensed all those feelings down into pithy and persuasive words. Whatever you choose to do, they’re designed to provide inspiration and to help you get your brain into gear.

There’s nothing worse than sitting and squirming in front of a blank piece of paper or an empty, beckoning screen, when you’re desperate for the right words.

So put the kettle on. Have a slow, leisurely read. These scenarios always follow a predictable path. And these suggestions are focused very much on “the end game”.

Pick the ones that suit your situation, fill in the required words and names where there are spaces or an ‘x’.  Change them. Tailor them. Sharpen and hone them. When happy, zap them off to the suits, those self-important ingrates who’ve been dishonestly ruling over you wielding a rod of iron.

Show them you’re no pushover.

This stuff really works and can petrify stupid, powderpuff managers.

Stupid? Powderpuff? What am I saying?

Most of our managers are superbly intelligent, strong, creative and inspirational beacons of light, keen to follow due process and set a shining example, aren’t they?



finewords 1

finewords 2

finewords 3

finewords 4

finewords 5

finewords 6

finewords 7

finewords 8

finewords 9

finewords 10

finewords 11

finewords 12

finewords 13

finewords 14

finewords 15

finewords 16

finewords 17

finewords 18

finewords 19

finewords 20

finewords 21

finewords 22

finewords 23

finewords 24

finewords 25

finewords 26

finewords 27

finewords 28

finewords 29

finewords 30

Best of luck and let me know how you get on !

Paul Cardin

6th November 2019


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