[VIDEO] Are you being bullied / gaslighted by your employer? Are you stuck for words? Look no further. These email excerpts WORKED for me !!

workplace bullying is in line with company policy

Part One – Help with Bullying and Gaslighting – Correspondence



Link to a relevant post on this blog:


These are 15 carefully chosen excerpts from emails and letters that I wrote to my last employer during a dispute. I’d lodged a complaint and they responded by trying to sack me. They didn’t get away with it. I may have lost my livelihood, but I won my pension and retired, aged 50, ten years ago.

I was the victor in this two and a half-year battle because I showed them I was not taking it lying down AND they were dealing with somebody who KNEW how to defend his corner.

With #Coronavirus creating devastation as we speak, some employers will be taking advantage of the situation and using it to dispense with ”problem people” by getting rid of them cheaply.

If you happen to be targeted, then feel free to lift and use any of the above advice in your own correspondence. These things always follow the same old path, because employer bullying and gaslighting of complainants / whistleblowers, coupled with breaching of their own internal policies and procedures in order to rid themselves of ‘troublemakers’ is extremely common.

Keep watching. I’ll soon be uploading Part Two, with 15 more very helpful excerpts.

Some favourable comments we’ve received on these excerpts:

pawprintsofthesoul comment1 on bullying help

joedd comment on bullying help

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