In trouble at work? Hit your employer with some well-chosen words to keep them on task


Eight years later, it’s November 2019 and here is an updated version of this post…

Are you being bullied at work? Here’s some detailed advice that worked for me and helped me to retire, aged 50!


The following passages may be useful for people in serious trouble in the workplace.  You may have blown the whistle on bad practice, or lodged a grievance, or been going through internal processes, hoping that the next particular meeting will be THE ONE to resolve it all.  But why is this NOT happening?  It’s about good will on both sides, but very often, you can be treated as a ‘troublemaker’ and have become ‘the problem’ and therefore, in the twisted logic of those who abuse their power, the one to be eliminated.

These passages consist of several carefully written phrases which you can lift and use immediately, or maybe adapt, chop and change for your own purposes.  Whatever you choose to do, they’re designed to provide inspiration and get the brain into gear.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in front of a blank piece of paper, or a blank screen, desperate for words.

Pick the ones that suit your situation, fill in the required words and names where there are dots.  This stuff really works and can petrify stupid managers – stupid? What am I saying?  Most of our managers are superbly intelligent, creative and inspirational beacons of light aren’t they?  AREN’T THEY????????



trouble at work - comment 1


trouble at work - comment 2


trouble at work - comment 3


trouble at work - comment 4


trouble at work - comment 5


trouble at work - comment 6


trouble at work - comment 7


trouble at work - comment 8


trouble at work - comment 9


trouble at work - comment 10


trouble at work - comment 11


trouble at work - comment 12


trouble at work - comment 13


trouble at work - comment 14


trouble at work - comment 15


trouble at work - comment 16


trouble at work - comment 17


trouble at work - comment 18


trouble at work - comment 19


trouble at work - comment 20


trouble at work - comment 21


trouble at work - comment 22


trouble at work - comment 23


trouble at work - comment 24


trouble at work - comment 25


trouble at work - comment 26


trouble at work - comment 27


trouble at work - comment 28


trouble at work - comment 29



trouble at work - comment 7

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6 Responses to In trouble at work? Hit your employer with some well-chosen words to keep them on task

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  2. These suggestions are utterly delicious and they can be transferred into other correspondence with authority. I wish I’d had this list years ago! I might not have won but, Ooooooo, I’d have inflicted some lovely big scratches on those egos.

    For readers who have no experience of whistle-blowing – or who are suddenly finding themselves self-representing their own cases (no legal aid, remember) – these suggestions are pure gold. They demonstrate ‘right attitude’ – that of a responsible adult – when dealing with those who seek to evade their responsibilities, especially so when dealing with public officials. These paragraphs will remind you to keep all the paperwork in good order.

    It is not a joke when we say this stuff affects our mental health because by the time they really start attacking you, they are not sane (in my experience) and have no boundaries to their behaviour. Wirral will help you remember what sanity is and just how sharp-tongued we need to be to counter this behaviour.

    Well done! It’s a brilliant post!


  3. Reblogged this on pawprintsofthesoul and commented:
    This has been written from an employer/employee perspective but its points can easily transfer to individuals dealing with other public authorities who are failing in their duties.

    An absolutely wonderful blog – sharp-tongued yet impeccably polite. A true Master of the craft of getting it in writing 🙂


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  5. joedd says:

    Brilliant post…..


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