A perception of injustice aka gaslighting.

Been there. Twice. Thought I was losing my mind. I wasn’t. Just gaslit. Lost my career twice. Two separate sets of bogus “gross misconduct charges”. Both employers concluding “You are out of step with the rest of the team”. This was true. Everyone else was anxious, compliant, scared, exactly where they wanted them. Some “team”, eh? September 2019 will be the ten-year anniversary of my most recent victory at Cheshire West Council. Both sets of dreamt-up charges collapsed, in 2003 and 2009. Gaslighter Simon Goacher, the Monitoring Officer, met more than his match and banned me from making Freedom of Information and personal data requests, stripping away my statutory rights for 20 months – it is still possible to do this under threats and coercion. Hugh Tomlinson QC smacked his backside and got them restored. I wiped the floor with the “team” of ‘respectable’ directors and gaslighters and retired on my 50th birthday. You can win, with knowledge, support, care, friends and a determination to win justice.


If you have ever made a complaint about a public body the chances are your valid complaint will be referred to at some point as a ‘perception of injustice’ as if your experiences are just illusionary. Gaslighting is commonly used to deflect criticism and deter persistent complaint. So when you are up against authorities in collusion to deny the facts, knowing that others can validate your experiences with their own life events is vital to maintaining your mental stability. 

Tactic #1: Gaslighters override your reality.

At its heart, gaslighting is overriding your reality to the point that you question your own judgment. Like most things, there are degrees. It can be as small-scale as telling a child, “You can’t be hungry—you just had a snack,” or as large-scale as denying fully obvious facts, such as this 2015 story about a man who got married, posted the wedding photos on Facebook…

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3 Responses to A perception of injustice aka gaslighting.

  1. Interested... says:

    Paul, your post seems like good comment/advice….

    “All we can do is give advice. And again while giving it we say : ‘This advice will be valueless if your own experience and observation do not lead you to recognise that it is worth following “



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