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I’m sure many of you have heard about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s full approval of the experimental Pfizer mRNA injections. The most surreal part of it all is that Pfizer is rebranding the mRNA injection and marketing it as “Comirnaty” now, in an attempt to separate itself from the hundreds of thousands of deaths and maimings the experimental shots have caused. AstraZeneca did the same thing this past spring (“Vaxzevria”). But the facts about the FDA’s official policy of lying about vaccine safety, mRNA technology being gene therapy, etc. do not change. BREAKING: U.S. Food and Drug Administration grants full approval for Pfizer mRNA injections despite ongoing clinical trials, numerous deaths

Not to mention we have a WHOLE LOT of Pfizer adverse reaction news this week. Further this whole “approval” seems purchased and we are working with a few good attorneys to explore challenging the approval in federal court. Stay tuned.FRESH OFF THE PRESS

Victor Dominello: Australian MP diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy after viewers notice “droopy eye” during presser; but he’ll still get second AstraZeneca injection

Charles Haley II: 41-year-old Washington man dead 43 days after second Pfizer mRNA injectionJessica Turner: 34-year-old Massachusetts woman has seizure while driving five days after first Pfizer mRNA injection

Toxic epidermal necrolysis: 49-year-old New York woman develops life-threatening skin-rotting disorder one week after Pfizer mRNA injection

Inês Rafael Mendes: 18-year-old Portuguese college student dead five days after COVID-19 “vaccine”; police blame alcohol consumption

Francis Mossman: 33-year-old New Zealand actor dead 15 days after experimental Pfizer mRNA injectionLouie Knuxx: 42-year-old New Zealand hip hop artist mocks lockdown protesters, dead 28 days after second Pfizer mRNA injection

Roy Butler: 23-year-old Irish soccer (football) player suffers massive “brain bleed,” dead four days after experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector DNA injection

Thank you all very much for the continued support. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones. Sincerely, Brian A.Wilkins – Founder, Legal Writer, and Editor-in-Chief

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