DICTATORSHIP: from masks to vaccination in six months flat

Personally, I think we’re being groomed and for a biological weapon, false flag terror attack, the solution for which will have to be censorship, mandatory invasive medical procedures, the storing of everyone and everything’s DNA, more cameras to watch for terrorists and the rounding up and the incarceration for their own safety of subversive element refuse is. Conspiracy theorist, moi? Well, I’m in good company. Nixon assailants Woodward and Bernstein were the two bell-wethers and twin, otiginal recipients of the connotative, weaponised version of the term

The Slog

Will it all come down to water off a duck’s back?

A week ago here, I posted about the Countdown to Dictatorship. Just six months ago, there was a degree of horror at the very idea of being forced to wear masks. Now people are not only – and quite casually – debating whether “vaccination” should be made obligatory….we have the government ministers of three major Western countries offering only a wan smile as they say such a thing “cannot be ruled out”.

In the French tabloid pictured above, a survey conducted over the last week showed that 64% of the French nation have “total confidence” in the new vaccines, and 40% “would not hesitate” to be injected with them. But this was not enough for the braindead Prime Minister Jean Castex: “It is my view that the French people are not supportive enough of vaccination” he said. Microbiology…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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