28th JULY 2020: was this the day the Covid mask slipped?

Lies travel at the speed of light.

E = MC²

Everything = Mainstream Crap, Squared

The Slog

The Geopolitical weaponising of Coronavirus – just in time for Crash2

Over the years, I have not had the best of relationships with Zero Hedge. But a recent “Tyler Durden” piece offers genuine insight for those with the vision to see it.

You may not see ‘IMF & World Bank offer loan help to Belarus with conditions’ as the sort of headline likely to go viral any time soon. But then, today’s virus goes round the world before the Truth can stop it with Hydroxychlorocaine.

In the Slog’s Saturday Essay last weekend about the origins of Covid19 at a geopolitical level, I wrote:

If there was a conspiracy to recruit the right money and expertise for such an enormous psy-op, then this could only have come from the CIA (which is self-supporting) and the Pentagon. Its probable goals would have been to destabilise the Chinese economy, and then…

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