List of Wirral Council scandals from a few years back. Nowhere near exhaustive.


·         Frank Field being blackmailed by HESPE crowd – assuming that’s the case…

·         Wilkie visiting whistleblowers to ‘apologise’ for corporate bullying and etc. is this what the “totality of being held to account” amounted to?

·         Photos of him and her – taken from Light Cinema, New Brighton?

·         Mormon Councillor and his business / personal escapades?

·         Frank Field’s Mormon ties linked to the above?

·         Removal of the Denise Roberts’ ‘series of unfortunate events’ amendment from the council website to be replaced with a U turn / climbdown

·         Moira McLoughlin failure to declare friendship with Miller at committee meetings

·         Treatment of whistleblower X by that jumped up cow of a OHU ‘director’.  Christ, are they still under contract ?

·         The cruelty and bullying that went on in X’s case – with her permission of course….

·         The £millions half-inched by xxxxx and xxxxxxc

·         Reminder about how xxxx and xxxx have been screening responses to FOI requests

·         Reminder about the total in toxic debt that was written off by DASS

·         Rick O’Brien. How he got away with the four week delay – deaths that occurred – his departure to NHS – how come he got whitewashed?

·         Richard Penn – failed to declare that he had no prior connection to council, or if he did, no public oversight to check that he had – ensuing whitewash for Green, Norman, Taylor-Smith, Coleman

·         Vickers’ failure to interview Whistleblower Y, but instead, homed in on the bastards who thought 4 week delay was best thing since sliced bread – ensuing whitewash for managers involved

·         Vickers rewarded with a £500 per day job at the council – in grateful receipt of an excellent whitewash

·         Klonowski announced as ‘independent’ in several council meeting minutes, but her failure to declare she’d trained councillors / senior officers in ‘governance’ – yes, governance HAHAHA – years before

·         Klonowski failure to investigate councillors, saying she didn’t have time – breaking the remit given to her by Jefferson G.  JG’s silence

·         Klonowski failure  – and absolute insistence – on not dual tape-recording her interviews, or even minuting them – ultimately providing convenient escape hatches for abusers – she did the same at Rochdale Council re: child abuse and child sexual exploitation

·         Klonowski failure to do Balls Road and others.  Estimate how much more was thieved from disabled people’s bank accounts?  How many people targeted and for how long?

·         Klonowski report still redacted years later – why?

·         Smith report still redacted years later – why?

·         £10,000 per annum paid to PCaW for off the peg whistleblowing policy.  Is it still in place?   I can’t find it now.

·         Phil Davies’ attendance at pretty much ALL of the Employment & Appointment committees that filled the pockets of departing abusers, cleaned their work records, gagged them, polished the steaming TURD of the council’s reputation

·         The money lent to other councils’ Labour chumz at favourable rates

·         What happened to the money given to look after buildings and stop them falling over?

·         List the councillors who voted to keep Foulkes during both votes of no confidence.  Did this enable him ultimately to become Mayor, or was Davies’ recommendation enough?

·         Full list of Burgess’ excesses and public money lavished upon HQ, Brighton Street

·         Improvement Board ushering the public out of their meetings when they had a right to attend.  John Brace knows more

·         64 councillors not registered as data controllers, but taking citizens’ personal information home with them and working on it, risking unlimited high court fines – until Davies fired off a cheque to cover it

·         Frank Field blaming the public for the council’s poor FOI performance.  Alleging some sort of a collective / calculated vendetta against the council by persons unknown (Radio Merseyside Tony Snell interview)

·         Burgess forced to sign an FOI undertaking, following 2 x monitoring periods.  Still seen to be crap despite the usual hollow claims to ‘improvement’

·         BIG / ISUS, etc.

·         Issuing of 834 compromise agreements costing £65,000, describing them as ‘basic compromise agreements’ but NOT including them in their declared figures to an FOI req.  ICO ignored it

·         Failing to consult the public / police before switching off almost 1,000 street lights.  Ignoring advice not to switch off completely because we’re an urban borough, originating from Kevin Ellis, group leader street lighting, now retired

·         Was high level contact made with Trinity Mirror newspapers in run up to Feb 2013, the point when Wirral Council scandal stopped appearing in the Wirral News?

·         Gifts and hospitality, football tickets, meals and drinkypoos lavished on Davies by Trinity Mirror newspapers and gratefully accepted

·         Reminder about how Davies got up and walked out of the LANDMARK Improvement Board meeting he referred to very sombrely a few days later on Radio Merseyside

·         Unlike normal councils, Wirral has no external investigations policy or procedure.  It took me probably a year to find this out thanks to Corrin dragging her feet. The benefits: makes whitewashes very easy to achieve because whoever comes in (your mate) doesn’t have to follow any procedure.  At other councils they’d declare that they have no prior ties or existing interests that may colour the decision / findings they arrive at.  But on Wirral, the shackles are off and you can do what the hell you like, interview the crooks, network, go to the pub, catch up on old times, get pissed, get creative and pick up a fat pay cheque in return for a favourable write up

·         A certain ‘pretend friend’ councillor taking whistleblowers under his wing, only to feed any collected information upwards, disarming the whistleblower before spitting them out as broken husks

·         That ‘whistleblower’ who made out he was doing the right thing, but ultimately received a promotion – was it ***** ****?  Can we have the spotlight shining on him now in return for his “contribution” ?

·         Burgess not seeing out his two year contract.  Did he order Hyams to recommend him to councillors in glowing terms?  She can’t say “Fuck off” can she?

·         The Frater thing.  Did he cock up, allowing Norman, Coleman, et al. to play the “procedures breached” card and force him into allowing the bastards to get paid off?

·         …………………………that’s it for now.

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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