THE PROOF: Millions forced by Law to wear masks that are completely useless.

It’s true. Masks don’t work. It’s not me saying that. What would I know? I defer to a whole deluge of independent studies undertaken by highly qualified doctors across a huge swathe of recent history. Which is all being ignored by a welter of governments driven by some other agenda.

The Slog

Revealed: The US Center for Disease control has zero confidence in Covid face masks. Does this make them denialist fanatics? Radio 4 thinks it does.

I’m indebted to veteran Slogger Clive for drawing my attention to a slight cock-up here on the face-mask front: as this excerpt from the CDC’s view of the matter shows:

Now pay attention, because the following thing gets tricky here and there.

An N95 mask is designed for use in a contaminated environment: for argument’s sake, it’s the one to wear when dealing with a roomfull of dead Covid victims. The mask filters the air you inhale, but not your exhalation. So it’s not, repeat not, the one to wear if you are yourself infected. If you are, you should be in hospital. The N95 mask will not tell you if you’re infected – for that you need a test. But if you have had…

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4 Responses to THE PROOF: Millions forced by Law to wear masks that are completely useless.

  1. cheriewhite says:

    Great post and point! Also, when I was in nursing school, I learned that if you wear a mask for too long, you can make yourself sick by breathing in your own CO2. Of course the media doesn’t give anyone that memo. Hope this finds you well.


    • Thanks Cherie.
      It seems like millions of us are being collectively gaslit about face masks.
      If I went back to December 2019 and warned the world about July 2020, I’d be certified crazy, I swear 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      • cheriewhite says:

        I hear you there. We’re all being gaslight. Honestly, I don’t think it’s about keeping people from getting sick. It’s about CONTROL! Nothing else. That’s only my opinion.


  2. Bobby47 says:

    You know my views on the wearing of face masks. You don’t need me to explain just how far I’m prepared to go to defy them.
    And when I have and the news of my defiance makes the national papers and they inevitably label me The Twat and a danger to humanity, I expect you Cardin to go to the mattresses and explain to the people why it was that I lost over half my body weight and am starving to death because I refused to wear a mask.
    That’s right. I won’t eat if I can’t purchase the life giving food mask free and I won’t take food from any source if they purchased it wearing a mask. Indeed, if they find me laid out on a bench, clearly fucked up, howling at the Moon in a debilitated skeletal state and it’s clear to any discerning eye that I’m racing upwards toward the heavenly light and close to death and I’m in desperate need of a bag of chips and a custard slice, and they’re able to communicate with me even though I’m beyond the point where I could make any sense of anything, still, even then, I will refuse to eat because I know that the chances are if they’ve got food to prolong my life and they want me to eat it, they’ve probably got it from Tesco wearing a bloody face mask, which means I’m compelled to tell them, ‘fuck off and take your food elsewhere. I’m on hunger strike’.


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