#FoI request – Illegal Four Week Delay Investigator – Was he rewarded with a job?

The following FoI request was lodged back in February this year:


The request followed the customary “Wirral Way”.  Not all information was provided, and still hasn’t been, but following internal review, two months on, the ‘day rate’ for the investigator’s company was eventually revealed:

£515 per day or £2,575 per working week (over £100,000 per year)

Which is a healthy – even princely – sum, considering the wider recession and the crushing austerity being inflicted on those not in a position to secure well-paid work.

Although there will be a whole lot more information kicking around (but not provided) relating to precisely how Rob Vickers’ company was appointed, and the anonymous persons involved in the process, I won’t flog a dead horse this time around.  The public will have to settle for pretty much the bare minimum.

The mega-money involved here, although not the crucial factor, gives an indication of ‘the size of the prize on offer’; or how far people might be willing to bend to the will of others if there’s a chance of a job, filthy lucre, and furthering themselves and their business.

Given that Anna Klonowski urged the council to refresh and renew, and this can be interpreted as their response, it’s actually quite nauseating.  Particularly when you sit and ponder the circumstances, the implications and the consequences of such behaviour:

  • Vulnerable people die when cash is placed before care
  • A whistleblower tells all in good faith
  • The Acting Director of Social Services issues denials and muddies the water
  • The Acting Director of Social Services retires, clutching his CBE and collecting his pension
  • The local papers get onto it
  • The public are outraged
  • The council leader publicly bangs the table, saying, ‘Something must be done’
  • The person behind the ruse is hastily moved from “the scene of the crime”
  • The person behind it is promoted to National NHS “End of Life Care – Social Lead”
  • A bogus ‘independent’ investigation is carried out
  • A whitewash is delivered
  • The council leader falls silent
  • The dust settles
  • The investigator’s company gets its reward –  a contract – and payment of £100,000 plus per year in public money
  • The circus packs up and moves on……

And all because some callous and mendacious types want to trash the council’s statutory obligation to care for vulnerable people…..  and better themselves, regardless of how this will impact on those vulnerable people, secure in the knowledge that waiting in the wings………….. is a pretty much ‘bottomless’ pot of public money, OUR public money, and a tried and tested means of covering up all trace of foul play.

Welcome to Wirral Council.

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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